Very? The Armed Forces have 360 ​​active generals and 5,000 in reserve

Very?  The Armed Forces have 360 ​​active generals and 5,000 in reserve

The Armed Forces have 360 ​​active general officers and 5,054 retirees – including 130 marshals. Among them are marshals Augusto Heleno, Eduardo Vilas Bôas, Bayma Denys and Silva Luna, with a salary of R$36,500. Retired generals Hamilton Mourão, vice president of Jair Bolsonaro; and Eduardo Pazuello, his Minister of Health, accumulate their retirement benefits with salaries as senator and deputy.

Mourão receives R$36,800 as a retired army general and R$41,600 as a senator for Rio Grande do Sul, for a total of R$78,500. Pazuello has an income of 35 thousand as a reserve division general plus R$41.6 thousand as a federal deputy (PL-RJ) for Rio de Janeiro, totaling R$76.7 thousand.

The accumulation of generals in inactivity occurs mainly because until 2001 the military went into reserve one rank higher. Thus, senior officers in the highest position (colonels, for example) became generals. Currently, there are 2,500 retired brigadier generals, in addition to 1,200 brigadiers (from the Air Force).

The above rank rule on transfer to inactivity ceased to exist on December 29, 2000. But not for everyone. According to a note from the Army Command to the blog, the acquired rights were preserved by art. 34 of Provisional Measure 2215, even for military personnel who were inactive after the publication of this MP.

As a result, army generals who had more than 30 years of service in December 2000 were guaranteed the right to earnings during inactivity with a higher rank. This MP restructured military pay.

Ghost marshals

The Army stated that “there are no active or reserve soldiers promoted to the rank of marshal”. But official records from the Transparency Portal show that they exist. Among them are Augusto Heleno, former chief minister of Bolsonaro’s Institutional Security Office (GSI).

Now Marshal Villas Boas, in 2018, created controversy when he commented on Twitter on the eve of the decision of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) on former president Lula’s preventive habeas corpus: “The Brazilian Army believes it shares the desire of all citizens of as well as repudiation of impunity and respect for the Constitution”.

Two more marshals: Bayma Denys, former head of the Civil House in the José Sarney government, and Sérgio Etchegoyen, head of the GSI in the Michel Temer government. The rank of marshal is reserved for the commander of the Armed Forces in times of war.

As some readers did not believe, the print shows: marshals do exist
As some readers did not believe, the print shows: marshals do exist

The illustrious generals

Among the group of generals, Luiz Eduardo Ramos also stands out, former chief minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency and former chief minister of the Civil House, with a pension of R$37,600. General Braga Neto, former Minister of Defense and the Civil House and former candidate for Bolsonaro’s vice president, went to the reserve with an income of R$35,300.

The Army Command also stated that “no Army General recently transferred to reserve received the benefit of a higher rank, except for those who, due to serious illness, had an improvement in retirement, provided for in art 110 of Law 6,880/80″ .

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