“Trafficking lady” says the Ministry of Human Rights paid for her to go to Brasília

“Trafficking lady” says the Ministry of Human Rights paid for her to go to Brasília

Luciane Barbosa Farias, known as the “Amazonian drug lady”, stated this Tuesday (14) that the Ministry of Human Rights paid for one of her trips to Brasília. She was received twice this year by advisors to Minister Flávio Dino, at the Ministry of Justice and Public Security building, revealed the Estadão. Luciene is married to Clemilson dos Santos Farias, known as Tio Patinhas, leader of Comando Vermelho in the region. He was number one on the Amazonas government’s wanted list until he was arrested in December last year.

The trip, according to her, took place after receiving an invitation to be part of the Committee to Prevent and Combat Torture in the state of Amazonas, a role she holds, but has not yet officially taken office. “I went to Brasília recently, as I posted on social media, my trip was paid for by the Ministry of Human Rights, because I am a member of the Committee to Prevent and Combat Torture in the state of Amazonas. I haven’t taken possession yet [no comitê] and I don’t even know if I’ll be able to take it, due to all this national repercussion in my name”, he said in a video released by the portal UOL.

The Ministry of Human Rights, commanded by Silvio Almeida, told the newspaper The globe that the “minister and no secretary met” with Luciane. The ministry confirmed the cost of travel expenses for the CV leader’s wife. According to the ministry, the event was held on the 6th and 7th of this month. “The Committee for the Prevention and Combat of Torture, through Official Letter No. 233/2023, requested the State Committees for the Prevention and Combat of Torture in the states to nominate representatives to participate in the activity. The Amazonas State Committee, in turn , appointed Luciane Barbosa Farias as the representative to participate in the event. All guests had their tickets and daily allowances covered”, said the ministry.

Luciene, who serves as president of the Instituto Liberdade do Amazonas, also stated that she saw minister Flávio Dino in hearings, but never spoke to him. “People are using my head like Christ to attack the current government and the minister. Flávio Dino, in fact, never received me. I did see him, yes, in some hearings there at the Ministry of Human Rights, but I never got to talk to him in person,” she said.

After the repercussion of the case, Dino stated that he did not participate and was not informed about the meeting held by his advisors from the Legislative Affairs and Penal Policies secretariats with the wife of a CV leader. Senators and deputies opposing the government are asking the Minister of Justice to provide clarification on the case and should present yet another request for impeachment against him.

That night, Dino stated that the hearings mentioned by Luciene never took place. “Such hearings – which would have taken place at the Ministry of Human Rights according to the declarant – NEVER OCCURRED. What will be the next absurdity? Look: the declarant says she saw me, but never talked. What was the crime I committed? I ask my legal colleagues for help,” she wrote in social network.

Luciene and her husband were convicted in the second instance of money laundering, trafficking association and criminal organization. “She [a desembargadora] He didn’t ask for me to be arrested, he didn’t ask for my arrest warrant. This means that I was not prevented from entering anywhere. I’m Brazilian, a citizen and I have the right to come and go,” she said.

“I was never known as ‘Dama do Tráfico’, but as ‘Lu Farias’. She was there [no Ministério da Justiça] as president of the institution, carrying a dossier regarding the ills of the prison system. My job at the institution is to raise complaints from family members about the prison system,” he said.

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