‘Stop Your Lies’ and ‘Moneyboys’ are the premieres this Thursday, at Cine Casarão

‘Stop Your Lies’ and ‘Moneyboys’ are the premieres this Thursday, at Cine Casarão


‘Servitude’, ‘The Journey of Ernesto and Celestine’, ‘Bizarre Fish from the Abyssal Trenches’ and ‘Priscilla’ will be re-aired

This Thursday (08), Cine Casarão, located at the Casarão de Ideias Cultural Center (CCCI), at Rua Barroso, 279, Centro neighborhood, will have two premieres in its programming schedule: ‘Stop Your Lies’ and ‘Moneyboys’. Tickets can be purchased in advance via Instagram (@casaraodeideias) at the price of R$20 (full) and R$10 (half).

The first screening of ‘Stop Your Lies’, on Thursday, will be at 5pm. The film, directed by Olivier Peyon, is a French drama and based on the book of the same name by Philippe Besson released in 2017. The plot shows the trajectory of Stéphane Belcourt, a writer who, after 35 years, is forced to return to Cognac, France , by accepting to be an ambassador for a famous distillery.

He needs to be in town to promote the company’s bicentennial – and, as he soon discovers, he will occasionally end up reliving some memories of his first love. As he encounters people and places, the writer realizes that some old feelings are also returning to the surface. The production will be re-aired on Saturday (10), at 5:30 pm, and Sunday (11), at 7:40 pm.

The first showing of ‘Moneyboys’, also on Thursday, will be at 7pm. Directed by CB Yi, the film tells the story of Fei, who lives with her boyfriend Xiaolai, earning money through prostitution to support her family in the countryside. One day, when a customer violently raped Fei, Xiaolai beat the rapist.

However, the rapist’s men come seeking revenge against Xiaolai and Fei runs away, leaving Xiaolai behind. Five years later, Fei is in another city, working as a popular drug dealer. The relationship between Fei and his childhood friend Long, who moved to the city without plans, is reminiscent of Fei and Xiaolai’s relationship. The film will be re-screened on Sunday at 5:30 pm.

Stop Your Lies.

Still on the Cine Casarão programming schedule, the public will be able to check out the re-screenings of ‘Servidão’ (Thursday, 3:30pm; Friday, the 9th, 7:30pm), ‘A Viagem de Ernesto and Celestine’ (Friday, 4:30pm; Saturday, 4pm ), ‘Bizarros Peixes das Fossas Abyssais’ (Friday, 6pm) and ‘Priscilla’ (Saturday, 7:20pm; Sunday, 3:30pm).


For those who like to enjoy good music, the Centro Cultural Casarão de Ideias also has the Jardim de Roselle, a gastronomic space located on the terrace of the historic building. The musical program starts on Friday, at 6pm, with the guitar duo Rômulo and Dayan.

On Saturday, also starting at 6pm, the musical attraction will be violinist Agnes. And ending the weekend, on Sunday, at 6pm, it’s DJ Briellll’s turn. There is an artistic cover charge of R$5 per person on all three days.

Violinist Agnes

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