Schools take grandiose parades to the avenue in the fight for the title of champion in Manaus

Schools take grandiose parades to the avenue in the fight for the title of champion in Manaus

Manaus (AM) – The opening of the Special Group Samba School parades, this Saturday (03) was with a symbolic parade that brought together the 2024 Carnival Court; Kamélia, a doll symbol of the Manaus Carnival; the Secretary of Culture and Creative Economy, Marcos Apolo Muniz; the executive secretary of Culture and Creative Economy, Cândido Jeremias, and the president of the Independent League of Amazonas Samba Schools (Liesa-AM), Roberto Simonetti Filho. The parade was filled with the sound of old Carnival marches played by the Amazonas Military Police band.

The Secretary of Culture and Creative Economy, Marcos Apolo Muniz, recalled that the shows presented at the Sambadrome by the Samba Schools are the main attraction, but they are not the only actions of the Carnival in the Forest, carried out by the Government of Amazonas, through the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy.

“We will also have Carnaboi, we are supporting dozens of bands and blocks across the state, in addition to a series of activities, such as Carnaval do Povão, which will take place in the North Zone and East Zone. All this so that we can have revelers there having fun, many professionals involved in each activity on this date, which is already traditional in the cultural calendar of our state”,

said Marcos Apolo

On the Samba Catwalk

Unidos do Alvorada Samba School, Photos and Images: Secom

Opening the competitive parade, Unidos do Alvorada brought the cause of black people to the avenue. With a huge slave ship as the first float, the school paraded the plot “Adetutu – The Dream of an African Mother”, inspired by the work “Contos e Lendas Afro-Brasileiros – A Criação do Mundo”, by Reginaldo Prandi, the plot told the history of the creation of the world from the perspective of African cosmogony.

Andanças de Ciganos Samba School.Photos and Images: Secom

Strolling through the fields of wisdom and intelligence, Andanças de Ciganos began its parade in Ancient Greece to develop the plot “Sophia – The Art of Wisdom”, and ended with a technological float, with a LED screen, to show how far the intelligence and wisdom brought humanity. The school showed that human inventiveness is the result of knowledge and that, therefore, education plays a fundamental role in the evolution of a people.

Vila da Barra Samba School. Photos and Images: Secom

The third school to hold its parade was Vila da Barra, which paid homage in its plot to the entity Zé Pilintra, a well-known folkloric and spiritual figure in Afro-Brazilian traditions. The presentation, inspired by the literary work “Zé Pilintra: O Rei da Malandragem”, referenced several relevant elements in the character’s story, including the capoeira circle and costumes portraying games such as dice and cards. Unfortunately, the school ended up exceeding the maximum limit of 70 minutes, passing through the avenue in one hour, ten minutes and 29 seconds, and must lose a tenth of its score, according to the regulations.

Morro da Liberdade Samba School. Photos and Images: Secom

The samba school Reino Unido da Liberdade brought the plot “Matriarchs”, which celebrates the power and wisdom of women who play the strong role of maternal figures. The parade presented in its first allegory the figure “Mother Earth”, and continued the show representing the most diverse figures of mothers around the world. In a vibrant and colorful presentation, the association highlighted the importance of these women in different societies, honoring their contributions and narratives.

Mocidade de Aparecida Samba School. Photos and Images: Secom

Current two-time champion of the Manaus Carnival Special Group, Mocidade Independente de Aparecida paraded in search of the third championship. With the plot “Madeira is a Witness. The Forest, the Cradle. Struggle, Sweat and Union for Eternity. Aparecida comes to show the City Family Saga”, the school told the family’s story, taking the opportunity to exalt the Amazonianity of all the families that migrate from the interior to the capital.

A Grande Família Samba School. Photos and Images: Secom

The Grande Família took to the avenue a cry for the preservation of fauna, flora and native peoples. Throughout the 70 minutes, the East Zone Giant defended the plot “Kianumaka-Manã – the Protector of the Forest”. With the nostalgia of those who lost one of the school’s greatest enthusiasts and founder, Luiz Gilberto, last year, the red and white community went out with determination in search of the title.

Vitória Régia Samba School. Photos and Images: Secom

The penultimate school to enter Avenida do Samba, Vitória Régia also raised the flag for the need for preservation and recycling. With the theme “Art and Magic, Samba and Recycling: In Nature Nothing is Created, Nothing is Lost, Everything is Transformed”, Verde e Rosa entered with the members of the Front Committee dressed as trees and continued throughout the parade with allegories and costumes that used a lot of recyclable materials. The message was clear: without preservation, there is no life and, without life, there is no samba, Carnival and parades.

Dragões do Império Samba School. Photos and Images: Secom

The last school to parade, on Sunday morning, Dragões do Império told the saga of the enslaved African people and called for freedom. A newcomer to the special group, the school in the São Jorge neighborhood, took to the avenue the plot, “Baobá-Breaking the Chains of Slavery”, represented by imposing floats, choreographed wings and representative costumes.

On Monday (05/02), the champions of the Manaus Carnival 2024 will be announced. At the Sambódromo, at 10 am, the grades for Access A and B schools will be determined and, at 2 pm, for the Special Group.

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