School that launched a play against the right released a pro-left children’s book

School that launched a play against the right released a pro-left children’s book

At the center of a controversy for having released a play starring teenagers in which it links right-wing voters to fascism, Colégio Santa Cruz, in São Paulo, recently used its social networks to promote children’s books with a left-wing bias.

The publication promoting books was removed from Instagram after the school was officiated by deputy Carla Zambelli (PL-SP), who said she had received complaints from parents of students about the staging of the play that portrays the story of a family that has the tradition of killing “fascists” and sees, in 2028, the “extreme right” winning the elections.

Among the books released by the school on Tuesday (14), during a meeting with representatives of the publisher Boitempo-Boitatá, are titles such as: “Capital for children”, based on the work of Karl Marx; “The State and the Revolution”, by former communist leader Vladimir Lenin; and “Black Feminist Thought”, by sociologist Patricia Hill Collins.

The school’s publication also includes copies of the book “Men or Machines”, which brings together texts by the theorist of communism Antonio Gramsci; and the book “Women and men”, which according to Boitempo, “addresses gender issues from a perspective of equality and with respect for plurality”.

The photo released by the school also highlights a calendar with an image that alludes to revolutionary soldiers.

“During the chat, educators from different sectors of the school learned a little about the history of the publisher founded in 1995 and its catalog, which has a clear and coherent editorial line, containing works in the areas of human sciences, such as economics, politics, history and culture. Every year, an average of 40 books are published. In addition to publications, the publisher is dedicated to training readers by investing in organizing events”, said the school when publicizing the event with Boitempo-Boitatá, on Instagram.

Wanted by People’s Gazette To clarify whether the books would be used during classes in children’s classes or even in more advanced grades, the College did not respond to the newspaper until this article was written. The Gazette remains open for any comments from the school on the case.

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