SBPC discusses humanities in pre-conference event – 03/23/2024 – Science

SBPC discusses humanities in pre-conference event – 03/23/2024 – Science


The 5th CNCTI (National Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation) gained another preparatory event. This time, the person responsible is the SBPC (Brazilian Society for the Progress of Science), which will hold a virtual preliminary conference, next Tuesday (26), to discuss the role of Human Sciences and Humanities in the development of Brazil.

The 5th CNCTI is scheduled for the period from June 4th to 6th this year, in Brasília. Preparatory events have been taking place since November. At the beginning of March, for example, the state of São Paulo held its preliminary meeting, the State Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation (CECTI-SP).

The objective of the CNCTI is to analyze the programs and results of the National Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy for the period from 2016 to 2023. Based on this, we seek to propose recommendations for the next cycle of the national strategy, which starts this year and runs until 2030.

Returning to the preparatory event held by SBPC, four round tables are scheduled. Among the topics that will be covered are hate culture and social networks, the relationship between technology and human behavior, social inclusion and the relationship between science, humanity and the planet.

According to Renato Janine Ribeiro, president of the SBPC and one of the organizers of the event —with Fernanda Sobral, director of the SBPC—, there has been no other preparatory event for the CNCTI focused on the humanities to date.

“We participated in the joint meeting that the Academy [Brasileira] of Sciences and the SBPC held a meeting in Rio at the beginning of March to discuss the general scientific bases for the CNCTI. Because, although technology and innovation are very important, the pillar of all this is science, basic science. And there in Rio we discussed the social side”, says Janine Ribeiro.

One of the discussions at the event will be “a utopia with a scientific basis”, points out the president of SBPC. “How to bring it all together: decarbonization, productivity gains, creative leisure. Put all of this together and make a better world, based on science.”

This table specifically will include, in addition to Janine Ribeiro himself, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Marina Silva, and Ricardo Abramovay, full professor of the Josué de Castro Chair at the Faculty of Public Health at USP.

According to the president of SBPC, this preparatory event is different from the others that have been held so far. “Some of the discussions [que estarão no evento] they are very rare to be done”, says Janine Ribeiro, citing creative leisure as one of the issues little discussed in academia and government.

The event will be online and will be broadcast on the SBPC YouTube channel.

Check the schedule

9am to 10:45am – Social networks, culture of hate, polarization: the social fabric under threat

Coordination: Sergio Adorno (USP)

Participants: Wilson Gomes (UFBA), Marilene Corrêa (UFAM) and Sergio Adorno (USP).

11:00 am to 12:45 pm – Is your mind behind in relation to technology?

Coordination: Renato Janine Ribeiro (USP)

Participants: Christian Dunker (USP), Tatiana Roque (UFRJ) and Renato Janine Ribeiro (USP)

2pm to 3:45pm – Scientific research and its contribution to social inclusion

Coordination: Fernanda Sobral (UnB).

Participants: Irlys Barreira (UFCE), Anete Ivo (UFBA), Edna Castro (UFPA) and Fernanda Sobral (UnB)

4pm to 5:45pm – A scientifically based utopia for humanity and the planet

Coordination: Renato Janine Ribeiro (USP)

Participants: Ricardo Abramovay (USP), Marina Silva (MMA) and Renato Janine Ribeiro (USP).


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