Roberto Jefferson goes to jury for attempted murder – 09/13/2023 – Power

Roberto Jefferson goes to jury for attempted murder – 09/13/2023 – Power

Judge Abby Magalhães, of the 1st Federal Court of Três Rios, decided this Wednesday (13) that former deputy Roberto Jefferson will go to the popular jury on charges of attempted murder against four federal police officers.

He will be tried for having taken the risk of killing the agents who went to his farm, in Comendador Levy Gasparian (RJ), a city 142 km from Rio de Janeiro, to comply with the arrest order issued by Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the STF ( Superior Federal Court), in October last year.

The judge did not respond to the former deputy’s defense request to disqualify the crime from culpable bodily harm, which would remove the case from the jury’s analysis.

The jury will also analyze the charge of resistance, illegal possession of a restricted firearm and an explosive device without authorization. In her decision, the judge disregarded the accusation of qualified damage, in relation to the damage to the PF vehicle.

On October 23, Jefferson fired 60 times with his rifle at the agents. He also threw three light and sound grenades, one of which was rigged with nails.

The police officers went to carry out an arrest order ordered by Moraes, alleging repeated non-compliance with the rules of house arrest. A day earlier, he had used his daughter’s Twitter account, Cristiane Brasil (PTB), to insult STF minister Cármen Lúcia. The judge was called the “Blair witch”, “Carmen Lucifer” and compared to prostitutes.

The former deputy has been under house arrest since January 2022 for health reasons. On that occasion, Moraes relaxed the preventive detention ordered in August 2021 as part of the digital militia investigation.

In May, during interrogation in Federal Court, Jefferson said that the 60 rifle shots he fired were aimed only at the PF vehicle, which he assumed was armored – only the front doors were, in fact, protected. The grenades, he said, were thrown away from the agents.

The former deputy even said he laughed when the police officer fled, after throwing the first stun grenade tampered with nails. The affected agent had the most serious injury of the attacked team.

“They took shelter. The last one to run was the girl. I even laughed. She’s just like my granddaughter. Little hair tied up…”, said the former deputy. Two other police officers were injured by shrapnel.

In July, the Federal Public Ministry changed the complaint against the former deputy, considering that the former president of the PTB should respond for attempted murder with possible intent, for having taken the risk of killing the four police officers. The initial accusation stated that he intended to kill the agents.

The change had not, however, altered the former deputy’s legal situation.

When contacted, Jefferson’s defense did not speak out until the publication of this report.

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