Registration for those approved in the regular SISU call closes this Wednesday

Registration for those approved in the regular SISU call closes this Wednesday

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Student must look for institution to which they were admitted

Students selected in the first call of the 2024 selection process of the Unified Selection System (Sisu) have until Wednesday (7) to enroll or register academically at the institution to which they were admitted.

The Ministry of Education (MEC) warns that it is up to the candidate to “observe the conditions, procedures and documents for enrollment, as well as pay attention to the days, times and places of service defined by each institution, in its own notice.”

Anyone who is not selected at this stage can express interest on the waiting list for vacancies resulting from the withdrawal of those selected in the first call, until February 7th. Participation in the waiting list must be done through the Sisu page on the Single Access portal.

“The waiting list can be used throughout 2024 by participating public higher education institutions to fill vacancies that may not be filled in the regular call,” informs the ministry.


Candidates on the waiting list for higher education institutions will be called on February 16th.

Sisu 2024 had a single registration stage for the entire year and offered 264,181 places, in 6,827 undergraduate courses from 127 public higher education institutions across Brazil. The selection of the candidate only ensures the expectation of entitlement to the vacancy for which they applied, explains the MEC. Furthermore, enrollment or academic records are subject to proof at the institution for which you were selected.

The university or college must offer free internet access for registration, on the institution’s regular opening days and times, and no fees may be charged for the selection process.

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