Public servant suspected of harassing Gilmar Mendes in Lisbon resigns from INSS

Public servant suspected of harassing Gilmar Mendes in Lisbon resigns from INSS


The INSS employee who was named by the Federal Police as a suspect of harassing minister Gilmar Mendes in Lisbon, at the end of last month, resigned from his position this Wednesday (3). Ramos Antonio Nassif Chagas left the organization one day after the case was reported in the press.

According to information obtained by Newspaper, the INSS internal affairs department opened an administrative disciplinary procedure to investigate the alleged hostility against the judge of the Federal Supreme Court (STF). A People’s Gazette He contacted the Ministry of Social Security and the INSS to comment on the dismissal and is awaiting a response.

According to the letter sent by Mendes to the Federal Police, and which the report had access to, the magistrate suffered an attempt at intimidation to “destabilize the functioning of the institution”. The alleged hostility occurred during connecting flights at Lisbon airport during the trip from Brasília to Berlin, Germany, on March 26.

Gilmar Mendes states that the man said that he and the STF “are a shame for Brazil and for all good people”. “That’s all, okay. Unfortunately, a beautiful country like ours is being destroyed by people like you,” he was quoted as saying.

“By acting in this way, the accused aimed to intimidate the Minister of the Court, to destabilize the functioning of the institution. It is not necessary to make a great effort to demonstrate that the initiative fits into an articulated and coordinated movement of attacks on the Legislative, Executive and Judiciary Powers, organized by extremists and detractors of democracy”, wrote Mendes in the letter.

The investigation indicates that the hostility occurred at the time when Chagas should have been working – remotely – and that there was no authorization for him to leave Brazil. The server has been in Portugal since 2023, says the INSS’s own preliminary report to which the Sheet had access.

“Public servants have the right to their opinion. However, when his actions leave the private sphere and enter the public sphere, as occurred with the posting of the video recording the offenses, he is subject to consequences. A server needs to have a more appropriate posture than anyone else. His figure is not disconnected from the body in which he works”, said Alessandro Stefanuto, president of the INSS to Sheet.

The report was unable to contact Ramos Antonio Nassif Chagas.


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