Project will transform Paricatuba into a sustainable and entrepreneurial community

Project will transform Paricatuba into a sustainable and entrepreneurial community



The ‘Paricatuca Lab’ project will operate in the community from April to August this year

Manaus (AM) — To provide training and encourage sustainable and community tourism in the village of Paricatuba (27 km from Manaus), located in the municipality of Iranduba, Sebrae Amazonas, in partnership with Bemol, with support from Singulari Consultoria, Iguana Tourism and the association of residents, will execute the “Paricatuba Lab”, a project that aims to transform the territory into a case of a sustainable and entrepreneurial community in the State.

Impact Hub Manaus will be the company responsible for developing and executing the project, which provides more than 50 hours of training, including workshops, for more than 90 entrepreneurs, covering topics on improving the local tourism model. In addition, the project will work to strengthen the residents’ association, local leadership and the planning of craft fairs, with the aim of guaranteeing direct income for the community. The project is expected to begin in April and complete actions in August.

“We hope, mainly with the impact of the partnerships between Sebrae and Bemol, that the community’s visibility in relation to tourism improves”,

expresses Jaqueline Lins, community leader from Vila de Paricatuba, who expects that the actions resulting from the execution of the project will improve the community’s conditions for the tourism sector.

For Bemol’s CEO, Denis Minev, the initiative aims to promote fairer tourism, which places the community as the main protagonist of the actions. “This investment qualifies the teams, qualifies entrepreneurs in the region and transforms the scenarios and attractions a little to reach their potential”, points out Minev.

The project’s target audience is the community, associations and community leadership, formal and informal entrepreneurs. The work plan will work with three pillars: training, infrastructure and tourism. As Sebrae/AM analyst Milene Silva explains. “The Village of Paricatuba has enormous potential for implementing community-based and sustainable tourism. So partnership is essential to carry out the project”, explains the analyst.

“Our ultimate goal is for Paricatuba to be recognized as a model of an entrepreneurial and sustainable community in Amazonas. In addition to the natural beauty, there is every possibility of having more consolidated tourism. There are many businesses that are well structured, there is a super welcoming community, very important elements for the community to be able to grow more and more. So, our expectation with the project is to be able to tie up the ends, identify common interests and design a plan together for the development of the community”,

So explains Juliana Teles, co-founder of Impact Hub Manaus, a company that is part of a global network of entrepreneurship and social innovation hubs that seek to positively impact the world and their respective regions.

To carry out the project, mapping of the community’s economic activities and a survey of real demands for training and training have already been carried out. The “Paricatuba Lab” project will work with training, through courses, workshops and mentoring on business, through management work, service, pricing and others; crafts, supporting the improvement of products produced today in the community and local resources for clothing; management, with team formation focused on local project management, in addition to technical visits to reference places to learn about other sustainable tourism realities.


Working in the organization of tourist attractions, structuring service and promoting the ruins and the city, with its other attractions. Production of a physical and/or digital map with information about the village; Crafts fair, with support in the organization and initiation of the crafts fair on weekends and a creative fair.

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