Primavera dos Museus is an invitation to visit an exhibition about ‘Our Center’

Primavera dos Museus is an invitation to visit an exhibition about ‘Our Center’

Manaus (AM) – The 17th Spring of Museums, organized by the City of Manaus, via the Municipal Foundation of Culture, Tourism and Events (Manauscult), in the capital of Amazonas, is also an invitation for the public to attend the exhibition “Vivendo o Nosso Centro”, on display at the Museum of the City of Manaus (Muma), on Rua Gabriel Salgado, s/nº, Praça Dom Pedro II, Centro, South zone.

The exhibition, which presents the “Our Center” program to visitors, is on display in the space’s hall and can be visited from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 4:20pm (closes at 5pm). Groups can make appointments via email [email protected].

As part of the Spring of Museums program, which this year has as its theme “Memories and democracy: LGBT+ people, indigenous people and quilombolas”, on the 22nd, from 10 am to 11:30 am, there will be a visit mediated by the museum director, Leonardo Novellino, with the theme “Indigenous Memorial Village”.

Just like the “Our Center” program, the national event, promoted by the Brazilian Institute of Museums (Ibram), invites us to reflect on social inclusion and diversity, fundamental to democracy, a construction made by many hands.

“The theme of democracy is synchronized with ‘Our Center’, when we talk about the approach of indigenous peoples, quilombolas, all contemporary social segments in an urban fragment of archaeological, historical, intangible and material context of built assets, among others. And among the axes of the program is precisely ‘Mais História’, which brings culture and urban rehabilitation, ‘Mais Vida’, and together they promote ‘Mais Negócios’, adding aspects of the economy and occupation”,

explained the manager of Historical Heritage at the Municipal Institute of Urban Planning (Implurb), architect and urban planner Melissa Toledo.


The city hall has worked intensely and without sparing its own resources to rescue the historic center of the capital with “ Nosso Centro ”, launched by Mayor David Almeida.

The projects, plans, programs and part of the history related to the central region gave rise to an institutional and heritage education exhibition that is still on display at the City Museum, with free entry, on panels set up to present to the population, students and visitors such an important rescue of the city’s architectural, cultural and human heritage. The exhibition was organized by a team from the Municipal Institute of Urban Planning (Implurb) and has support from Manauscult.

The historic center has been listed by the National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute (Iphan) since 2012, according to which “it presents an urban portion formed by buildings from the golden period, mixed with modern buildings”. Its listed area “represents one of the greatest testimonies of a unique economic phase in Brazil: the rubber period”.

In the 15 panels displayed at the museum, the public will be able to see the projects developed under the David Almeida administration; the works that are under construction in the area – Lúcia Almeida viewpoint, Thiago de Mello mansion and São Vicente square –, which involved the expropriation of six properties; and projects under development, such as the renovation and conservation of the Rio Branco Palace, the renovation and reuse of the Porto Museum and the new housing proposed for the territory.

The “Our Center” program seeks ways to promote renovations and recovery of abandoned or unused properties, creating new quality areas, such as those already under construction between the beginning of 7 de Setembro and Rua Bernardo Ramos. But also a series of actions to improve governance, tax incentives, innovation, social housing and public investments, also involving the promotion of cultural events and the creative economy.

With a set of 37 interventions designed for four stages, the program has an architecture developed and coordination by Implurb, with action by the Technical Commission for Implementation and Revitalization of the Historic Center of Manaus. The commission was created by Municipal Decree No. 5,034/2021 and has the municipal secretariats of Finance and Information Technology (Semef); of Work, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Semtepi); Women, Social Assistance and Citizenship (Semasc); Public Security and Social Defense (Semseg); and Urban Cleaning (Semulsp); in addition to the Municipal Institute of Urban Mobility (IMMU) and Manauscult.

The program

“Our Center”, as presented in the exhibition, has three focal points: “More Life”, “More Business” and “More History”, and adds up to an architectural complex of great relevance to the city.

*With information from the advisory

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