President of TRE-AM is honored for relevant services provided to the State

President of TRE-AM is honored for relevant services provided to the State

Manaus (AM) – In a Special Session held this Tuesday morning (21), at the State Legislative Assembly (Aleam), the president of the Regional Electoral Court (TRE/AM), judge Jorge Manoel Lins, was honored with the “Ruy Araújo” Medal, for the relevant services provided to the State of Amazonas. The awarding of the commendation was from the then state deputy Belarmino Lins, but the salute was given by deputy George Lins, through a ceremony presided over by the president of the House, Roberto Cidade.

In a speech at the Ruy Araújo Plenary, judge Jorge Lins thanked the state parliament for the important tribute and said he was very happy, moved and grateful for this public recognition, given the trajectory he has achieved so far, in defense of justice and democracy in the state from the Amazon.

“I receive this honorable ‘Ruy Araújo’ Medal with great emotion. I am very happy to be here today, in this proposal granted by congressman Belarmino Lins. This honor makes me very proud and motivates me to continue working for the benefit of my city and those under its jurisdiction”,

declared the honoree, expressing his gratitude to everyone present at the ceremony, in particular, to the author of the commendation, as well as to the author of the greeting.

For former deputy Belermino Lins, author of the proposal, it is with affection and gratitude that he pays, on behalf of the people of Amazonas, a well-deserved tribute to judge Jorge Lins. “A man whose public spirit is gigantic, with great professional zeal, above all, for the relevant services provided to the State of Amazonas. A person, son, friend, a high-level professional, a virtuous and dedicated man. I would like to say that it is for all of this and much more that the legislative branch of Amazonas applauds him. Standing, a round of applause for judge Jorge Lins.”

Representative George Lins added that this is a fair tribute to judge Jorge Lins, who receives the highest commendation granted by the legislative branch, given everything he built throughout his career in Amazonian justice. “A magistrate with a history of good services provided, especially in the field of Electoral Justice. We know that the challenges in this area are very great, to combat disinformation, to guarantee fair elections and the individual rights of each person. Therefore, it is important that we honor people like him, who ensure that justice in our Amazonas happens in a fair and balanced way.”

Highest commendation in Amazonas

The Ruy Araújo Medal is the highest award granted by the state legislature, through Legislative Resolution No. 105/81. It is given to individuals who work in the political, legal or cultural areas, carrying out actions that benefit the population of Amazonas.

Also participating in the Special Session were state parliamentarians, members of the State Attorney General’s Office (PGE), the Escola Superior da Magistratura de Amazonas; of the Amazonas Attorney General’s Office, the Manaus City Council (CMM), the Regional Electoral Court (TRE) and the State Audit Court (TCE), among others.

About the honoree

Jorge Manoel Lopes Lins was born on May 17, 1957, in the city of Manaus (AM), being the father of three children. Graduated in Law from Ufam, he began his career in the legal field in 1977, holding the positions of Judicial Assistant, Sworn Clerk of the Capital, Legal Advisor. In 1985, he was appointed to the position of Judge of Law, having held the positions in the Districts of Boca do Acre, Anori and the 3rd Court of the District of Parintins. In Manaus, he worked in the 2nd, 3rd and 6th Criminal Courts, holding the position of the 7th Criminal Court and the 2nd Civil Court.

He also held the positions of Assistant Judge of the Presidency and Assistant Judge of the Vice-Presidency. He was promoted, by merit, to the position of Judge of the Court of Justice of Amazonas in 2011, having held the following functions: president of the Permanent Jurisprudence Committee; general ombudsman of the Court of Justice of Amazonas; manager of the House of Justice and Citizenship; director of the Forum Minister Henoch Reis; president of the First Civil Chamber; president of the First Criminal Chamber; president of the Second Criminal Chamber; vice-president of the Court of Justice of Amazonas (2016-2018).

As an Electoral judge, Jorge Lins worked in the districts of Eirunepé, Envira, Boca do Acre, Pauini, Ipixuna, Guajará and Manaus. As a judge, he held the position of alternate member of the TRE/AM during the biennium 2018-2020. In the years 2020 to 2022, he held the position of vice-president and magistrate of the TRE/AM. For the 2022-2024 biennium, he was elected president of the Regional Electoral Court of Amazonas.

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