Parisians triple parking fees for SUVs – 02/05/2024 – Market

Parisians triple parking fees for SUVs – 02/05/2024 – Market

This Sunday (4), Parisians approved, by 54.55% of the votes, a referendum to triple parking fees for sports utility vehicles, known as SUVs and identified as very polluting.

Just over 78 thousand people out of the 1.3 million called, or 5.7%, voted “for or against the creation of a specific tariff for the parking of heavy, bulky and polluting individual vehicles”.

The referendum was aimed at sports utility vehicles, which combine characteristics of a passenger car with those of a 4×4.

According to the municipal project, visitors whose combustion or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles exceed 1.6 tons — two tons, in the case of an electric vehicle — will have to pay 18 euros (R$ 96.17) per hour to park. in the central districts of Paris, and 12 euros (R$ 64.11) in the outer districts.

The mayor, Anne Hidalgo, from the Socialist Party, celebrated “the clear choice of Parisians” in favor of a measure “good for health and the planet”.

According to the city hall, the new fare will not affect “Parisian residents and professionals parked in their authorized parking zone, taxi drivers at specific stations, artisans, healthcare professionals”, or people with disabilities.

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