Nunes Marques votes for partial acquittal of defendant by 8/1

Nunes Marques votes for partial acquittal of defendant by 8/1

Coup acts

Magistrate disagrees with the vote of Alexandre de Moraes, rapporteur of the case

Minister Nunes Marques, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), voted, this Wednesday (13), for the partial acquittal of Aécio Lúcio Costa Pereira, the first defendant judged by the Court for participating in the coup acts of January 8.

Nunes Marques disagreed with the vote presented by the rapporteur, minister Alexandre de Moraes, who voted to sentence Aécio to 17 years in a closed regime for the crimes of attempted violent abolition of the Democratic Rule of Law, attempted coup d’état, armed criminal association and damage against public property, with the use of flammable substances.

Nunes Marques voted only to sentence the accused to 2 years and six months in open prison for the crimes of damage and deterioration of listed property. “The photos and videos he posted [nas redes sociais]demonstrate that he joined the protesters who entered Congress through violence, contributing to the damage to the listed property”, he stated.

However, the minister disagreed with Moraes and acquitted Aécio of charges of attacking democracy and a coup d’état. According to the minister, a threat to the authorities of powers is necessary to characterize the crimes.

“The regrettable demonstrations that took place on January 8th, despite the severity of the vandalism, did not have the scope to consist of an attempt to abolish the democratic rule of law”,


After the minister’s vote, the trial was suspended and will resume tomorrow (14).

The defendant

Aécio Lúcio, resident of Diadema (SP), was arrested by the Legislative Police in the Senate plenary during the events. He even published a video on social media during the invasion of the House. He remains in prison as determined by Moraes.

According to the complaint filed by the Attorney General’s Office (PGR), the accused participated in the vandalism of the National Congress, breaking windows, glass doors, works of art, security equipment, and using a flammable substance to set fire to the carpet of the Green Room of the Chamber of Deputies.

This Wednesday morning, Aécio Lúcio’s defense refuted the accusations and considered that the trial in the STF is “political”.

*With information from Agência Brasil

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