North leads growth in exporting companies

North leads growth in exporting companies



North had the highest percentage growth in firms selling abroad

Manaus (AM) — The North and Central West regions led the growth of Brazilian exporting companies in 2023, the Foreign Trade Secretariat of the Ministry of Development, Industry, Commerce and Services (MDIC) announced on Wednesday (3). The agency prepared a study based on the fiscal size of companies and crossing data with origin (regions and states), products sold and destination of goods.

Last year, Brazil reached a record 28,524 companies selling abroad, an increase of 2% compared to 2022. In the regional profile, the North had the highest percentage growth: 8.8%. Next come the Central-West (+8%), South (+2.6%) and Southeast (+1.4%).

The Northeast recorded a 1.6% drop in the total number of companies selling abroad. The result was driven by the number of micro and large exporting companies: -3.9% and -2.4%, respectively. On the other hand, the region recorded the highest percentage growth in relation to small exporting companies: 7.5%.

Among large companies, the biggest percentage increase occurred in the Central-West (+11%). In relation to micro-enterprises that sell to the foreign market, the biggest increase was recorded in the North (+10%).

Despite the growth in the North and Central-West, the absolute numbers show that the concentration of exporting firms in the Southeast and South is still very large. The two regions account for 83.6% of micro-enterprises, 88.3% of small and 87.7% of medium and large exporters.


Of the 28,524 exporting firms registered in 2023, according to the study by the Foreign Trade Secretariat, 59% are medium and large, 21.2% are micro-enterprises and 18.9% are small. There are also 0.8% of companies classified as non-market, a category that includes non-profit foundations and government companies.

In relation to company size, medium and large exporters registered the highest percentage growth compared to 2022, with 3% expansion at national level. The number of small exporters rose 1% and the number of micro-enterprises fell 0.1%.

Among the sectors of economic activity, the highlight was agriculture, with growth of 7% in medium and large companies and 4.5% in small companies. The manufacturing industry also grew in these two segments, with expansion of 2.6% and 1%, respectively. In relation to product destinations, China leads in all categories, with percentage growth of 17% (small size), 9 .8% (medium and large) and 1% (micro-enterprises).

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