‘No is No’ campaign is present in fantasy football – News of Brazil

‘No is No’ campaign is present in fantasy football – News of Brazil

In yet another action to guarantee fun without harassment throughout the carnival period, the Government of Amapá took the “No is No” campaign to the traditional Fantasy Football on Monday, 12th, at Praça Nossa Senhora da Conceição, in the neighborhood of the Train.

The program included a female team made up of campaign members, a team from the Maria da Penha Military Police Patrol, in addition to the distribution of condom kits, HIV self-testing and guidance on women’s protection services.

Carried out by the State Secretariat for Policies for Women (SEPM) and in partnership with the Women’s Coordination, of the Court of Justice of Amapá (Tjap), the campaign seeks to clarify that harassment is a crime, guarantee protection for the victim and punishment for the harasser .

According to the coordinator of the LBTI Amapá Women’s Reception Center, Simone de Jesus, the initiative reinforces safe carnival, especially for the female public.

“For many years, carnival had been an event of vulnerability, especially for women, in the sense of not being able to have fun the way they wanted, as if a chosen outfit was an invitation to harassment. Today, with the strong work of the State Government, we are changing this behavior. Everyone has the right to enjoy Carnival, the way they want, with the clothes they want, without harassment”, guaranteed Simone.

The Secretariat team intensified protection services for women and victims, in order to disseminate information to the entire population, and the initiative has been approved by the public.

Retired teacher, Delma Carvalho, always participates in the event with her family at Praça do Trem, and says that the campaign is an opportunity to raise awareness not only among men, but also women to report crimes of harassment.

“The campaign is very important to clarify that Carnival is for everyone, that women also have the right to dress however they want and men have to respect it. And even more important, is knowing that, if harassment occurs, the woman can seek her rights and the harasser will be punished. I’ve already picked up some leaflets to distribute near my house. Congratulations to the creators of this initiative”, praised the teacher.

The participation of the State Government in the Fantasy Football program was approved by the event coordinator.

“We thank the Government of Amapá for this partnership in bringing the ‘No is No’ campaign, the women’s team, the guidelines, and the Maria da Penha Patrol, which is reinforcing security. It was a top-notch partnership with our event”, highlighted José Figueiredo, coordinator of Fantasy Football in the Trem neighborhood.

The program for the 40th anniversary of fantasy football celebrations began at 7 am, with the distribution of broth. During the day, feijoada and barbecue were served to the participants. In the afternoon the women’s game began, a costume parade with cash prizes, and the traditional game “Dondocas e Bonecas”. The closing ceremony was performed by the musical acts Batan and the drums of the Escola de Samba Piratas da Batucada.

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