Mocidade Independente de Aparecida holds 1st Drum Rehearsal this Sunday

Mocidade Independente de Aparecida holds 1st Drum Rehearsal this Sunday

Carnival 2024

In search of the tri, Bateria Universidade do Ritmo begins work for Carnival 2024

Manaus (AM) – In preparations for Carnival 2024, Grêmio Recreativo Escola de Samba Mocidade Independente de Aparecida will hold the first Drum Rehearsal next Sunday (1), starting at 8pm. Holder of 24 titles in the special group, Verde e Branco is looking for the third championship to continue the hegemony of the Manauara Carnival.

Rehearsals for the 2024 season take place in the outdoor area of ​​the school’s court, located at Avenida Ramos Ferreira, 102, Aparecida neighborhood, Zona Sul. Under the direction of Mestre Lucas, the rhythmic drums promise innovations in the suits and components, aiming at the parade of next year.


In addition to the Bateria Universidade do Ritmo, the rehearsal will also feature the presence of the official interpreter Wilsinho de Cima, accompanied by the Ala Musical, the Rainha de Bateria, Maylin Menezes, the couples of Mestre-Sala and Porta-Bandeira, Musas Soberanas, Ala de Passistas, Musas Mirins, and other sectors of the school.

For Mestre Lucas, the expectations for the first Drum Rehearsal are the best possible, since the beginning of the work that began in May with the Rhythm Workshop and the entry of new rhythmists, the tendency is for 2024 to be another great year for the Drums University of Rhythm. With innovations and surprises in store, Soberano fans can look forward to a great show on Sunday.

“I’m sure that this first rehearsal will be full of joy and motivation, Bateria Universidade do Ritmo is ready for another Carnival, I highlight that there will be some surprises for the public and everything will be fine”,


Lucas also stated that the 2024 samba-plot will have a great impact on Avenida, with interactions between the Drums and the Musical Wing of the group, “It’s a samba with a strong chorus, which tells the saga of the Cidade family, our expectation is that it will be very well sung and performed on Avenida. We are going to do a lot of hard work between the Drums, Musical Wing and Harmonia, to put on a beautiful parade in 2024, we are ready for the challenge”,


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