Manaus Industrial Complex produces 25,000 bicycles in January

Manaus Industrial Complex produces 25,000 bicycles in January

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Compared to December, there was an increase of 245.6%

Manaus (AM) — Bicycle manufacturers installed in the Manaus Industrial Complex (PIM) produced 25,040 units in January, a volume 35.2% lower than in the same month last year and in line with what the manufacturers projected for 2024.

Compared to December, there was an increase of 245.6%. The data are from the Brazilian Association of Manufacturers of Motorcycles, Mopeds, Mopeds, Bicycles and Similar – Abraciclo.

The association’s estimate for this year is the production of 360 thousand units, a volume 21.2% lower compared to 2023 and in line with the new reality of the global market, which increasingly demands technological products with higher added value.


The category that recorded the highest percentage growth was electrical. 1,427 units were produced, a volume 53.3% higher compared to the same month last year.

In absolute numbers, the Mountain Bike (MTB) was the most manufactured in January.


With 59% of the total volume produced, the Southeast region was the one that received the most bicycles manufactured at PIM. In second place was the South region, with 14.7% of production. Next came the Northeast (13.9% of the volume manufactured), Central-West (8.6%) and North (3.8%).


With 47 years of history and 14 associates, Abraciclo represents manufacturers of two-wheeled vehicles in the country, with its main mission being the coordination, development and defense of the sector’s competitiveness through actions based on three pillars: Industrial Policy, Road Safety and Technician.

National motorcycle manufacturing, almost entirely concentrated in PIM, is among the seven largest in the world. In the bicycle segment, with the main factories also installed in PIM, Brazil is in fourth position among the main world producers. In total, manufacturers in the Two-Wheel Sector generate around 16,800 direct jobs in Manaus.

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