Madalosso offers 40 job vacancies but only 3 candidates appear

Madalosso offers 40 job vacancies but only 3 candidates appear

One of the most traditional restaurants in Curitiba, Família Madolosso, located in the Santa Felicidade neighborhood, found it difficult to hire new employees during a vacancy campaign that took place last Thursday (16). With 40 vacancies available for different functions and salaries starting at R$1,701.95, only three people attended last week’s action.

Of the total, two vacancies were filled and the rest of the opportunities remain open. It is important to emphasize that some functions are permanent, that is, the collective effort was not just made up of temporary end-of-year vacancies.

The difficulty in hiring new employees is nothing new in the restaurant. According to the group’s advisors, the problem has been going on for a few months, but it became even more intense at the end of the year. One of the possible explanations for the situation is the increase in temporary jobs, which are common at this time.

The problem is confirmed by the president of the Brazilian Association of Bars and Nightclubs (Abrabar), Fabio Aguayo, who believes that this is a national phenomenon. According to him, several cities, such as Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro are having difficulty filling all available job vacancies.

Aguayo adds that because of this situation, many companies in the sector are looking for foreign workers, such as Venezuelans, Paraguayans and Bolivians.

Check out the job openings available at the Família Madalosso restaurant

Kitchen assistant – 19 vacancies

7 spaces: from 12pm to 9:48pm.
9 spaces: from 12:30 pm to 10:20 pm.
3 spaces: from 11pm to 6:38am.

General services assistant – 5 vacancies

1 space: from 6:00 am to 2:20 pm.
3 spaces: from 8:00 am to 4:20 pm.
1 space: from 3:00 pm to 11:10 pm.

Production assistant – 10 vacancies

From 7:30 am to 3:50 pm.

SESMT Supervisor – 1 vacancy

From 8am to 6pm.

Receptionist – 1 vacancy

Monday to Saturday, from 5pm to 11pm, and Sunday, from 10:30am to 6:30pm.

Warehouse assistant – 1 vacancy

From 7:30 am to 3:50 pm.

Those interested in the job can take their work card and ID to the HR department of Restaurante Família Madalosso, located at Avenida Manoel Ribas, 5875. It is not necessary to have experience in the area. Salaries start at R$1,701.95.

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