Lucas project reduces the amount Amapá pays for the Tucuruí Line by 37% – News of Brazil

Lucas project reduces the amount Amapá pays for the Tucuruí Line by 37% – News of Brazil

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The senator Lucas Barreto, on the morning of this Monday, 18th, in an exclusive interview with Daily Communication System, he spoke about his most recent actions regarding oil exploration on the Amapá coast and about the increase in energy supply tariffs in the state of Amapá.

Currently in Amapá, fulfilling an agenda in the municipality of Santana, Lucas attends a Mass promoted by the NGO today ‘Carlos Daniel’, and after the ceremony he will announce resources, one for the city of Santana, and another for a vehicle that will travel across the state to serve children and offer oncological treatment to the little ones.

Regarding oil, Lucas remembered that he called Marina Silva, minister of the environment, to be heard in the Senate, and that she limited herself to talking about the environment without mentioning the native resource. “So far, it is known that in 60 days there will be a conciliation hearing with the Ministry of Mines Energy”highlighted the senator.

“We will have two distinct phases, the first is prospecting. Exploration is another thing, what we need is authorization for this. So, I think that in a short space of time we will have these issues resolved. Marina said that there is a technical and a political issue, in politics we are pacified”reported Lucas Barreto.

Energy tariff

“I voted against the privatization of Eletrobrás, as it was created to manage Eletronorte, which was created to manage the ‘Paredão’ plant, so we were aware of this difficulty. From the arrival of the line to Amapá, where we injected almost 1000 megawatts and only consumed 250 megawatts, in other words, we have a huge difference”reported Lucas.

“What makes up energy? We produce energy and pay for transportation, as if the energy came from Tucuruí, which is absurd; So I’m filing a bill so that as long as we don’t equalize what we send into the system or what we consume, we won’t have to pay for transportation, and this will reduce the values ​​by 37%”said the senator.

Lucas also said that an undue charge had been identified: Senate technicians and state deputies held a public hearing in the Chamber and it was discovered that 7% more was being charged in energy tariffs. According to him, under state law this charge is not permitted, since Amapá does not have a backup line.

“I have a bill that was approved in the Senate and is in the Chamber, to create a dam at the Cachoeira de Caldeirão plant. We are working on several fronts. We have to find a balance point. No one can handle that much increase anymore. We will go all the way to lower the price of this energy”, concluded Lucas.

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