Lexa has assets seized to pay MC Guimê’s debt

Lexa has assets seized to pay MC Guimê’s debt

Lexa’s appeal for her assets not to be seized by the Court to pay off a debt owed to her husband, MC Guimê, was denied. According to the newspaper Extra, judge Bruno Paes Straforini stated that each of the spouses still has responsibility towards the other’s creditors”, since they married in universal community of property.

The decision, to which the publication had access, refers to the case opened against the singer after he purchased a luxury property in Alphaville, São Paulo, in 2016, and was unable to make all the payment installments.

The mansion acquired by the ex-BBB was, at the time, worth R$2.2 million, and he failed to pay R$777 thousand. After the owners filed a lawsuit against the artist, he was ordered to pay R$421,000 in legal fees and corrections on the amount owed. Seven years later, the debt is now estimated at R$2.9 million.

The court determined that, in addition to the debt, Lexa bears “with costs, expenses and legal fees, in the amount of 10% of the value of the case”. As a result of the legal defeat, according to Extra, the singer may have 30% of her monthly income — the amount she earns from playing her songs on digital platforms — for payment.

The couple even explained that when the mansion was negotiated they were not yet married, but the justification was not accepted by the judge. The duo also tried to claim that, in the midst of all the imbroglio, there was a divorce. However, the papers were signed last year, but there was no sharing of the assets. Therefore, it was determined that the two remain responsible for each other’s problems.

MC Guimê had his bank balances blocked and his assets seized by the São Paulo Court, including prizes and fees acquired throughout his participation in BBB 23. In his defense, the singer claimed that he did not finish paying for the house, as he did not receive it in the combined conditions.

“Dream that became a nightmare”, said Guimê

MC Guimê had to return to social media, at the end of April, to talk about a complicated subject: a case he has been facing in court due to an attempt to purchase a mansion in Alphaville, São Paulo. On his Instagram, the singer told what happened, said that he left there on his own and stated that he will no longer talk about the matter.

“I came to talk about an extremely exhausting subject for me, which has already made me go through several unpleasant situations (…). I’m going to read a text that I wrote, in my own words, so that I don’t lose the sequence of reasoning and can point out everything that I think is necessary at the moment. It’s a long story and, to be brief and objective, I’ll start from the beginning”,

he stated.

And he continued with his story: “A dream that became a nightmare. At the end of 2015, I decided to buy a property, with a schedule full of shows and commitments, I didn’t have time to follow all the steps of the negotiation and, at the time, I also entrusted these tasks to some people who are no longer part of the my cycle of friendship and work”.

Then, Guimê spoke about the contract: “So, just by trusting these people, I signed a very bad contract and I had no idea of ​​the problems that this could and did bring me. Initially, a payment was agreed so that I could enter the house, I paid, but I did not enter. I started to realize that something was wrong.”.

And he continued: “When I thought things would be resolved, I was warned about another person who was considered the legal owner of the house, that I would have to pay him too, urgently, otherwise I would lose the assets and values ​​that I had already given. Translation: I was paying for the house for someone, thinking it was a single owner, when, by surprise, another owner appeared to me, who had proof that he was the owner. Can you understand?”he questioned.

Guimê then detailed the loss he suffered shortly afterwards: “I made an agreement with this person, I made the payments that cost me more than one million reais. And I continued fulfilling my duties to be able to have the property or, at least, not lose everything I had invested. Because, in the meantime, I was already losing a lot. And I’m not just talking about finances and material goods, but also about time and peace.”shot.

Afterwards, the singer countered that he had been ordered to leave the place: “Unfortunately, in an extensive legal fight, things got worse and only caused more torment, sadness and regret for having entered into this. In 2021, I decided to leave the mobile home to pursue a new life, in a new home, while the case was being resolved in court. It is worth remembering that no one was evicted and when they decided to repossess the property, there was no one living there anymore.”.

And he finished: “I would no longer like to talk about this subject here, nor would I like to have talked about it. However, they insisted on exposing it while I was confined without being able to respond. So I make it clear here that, from now on, the development of this story is up to me, my lawyers and the Court”, he declared, ending the publication by promoting his new video and song that he will have in May.

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