Left-wing party sells Hamas t-shirts in front of the Israeli consulate

Left-wing party sells Hamas t-shirts in front of the Israeli consulate

Members of the Workers’ Cause Party (PCO) began selling t-shirts and accessories that advocate and support the terrorist group Hamas, responsible for the attack that killed around 1,200 people and triggered the conflict in the Middle East since the beginning of last month .

The sale of items intensified last weekend at a stall in Praça Oswaldo Cruz, in São Paulo, during a pro-Palestine event, and also in front of the Israeli consulate. The party says it is “against” what would be a “genocide of the Palestinian people”.

The t-shirts, pins, stickers and posters are illustrated with the Hamas flag, and are paired with other materials that reference militants such as Che Guevara and Karl Marx. Flags of Palestine complete the PCO “store”.

“There are, at this moment, Hamas shirts and flags, stickers for the end of the genocide of the Palestinian people and posters for the end of Israel,” said a post from the party on social media announcing the start of sales.

One of the party’s activists, Vinícius Rodrigues, said that the sale of pro-Hamas items began in an event on the 4th and that the party needed to produce more for last weekend’s mobilization. “There are even more people from outside the PCO bloc flying the Hamas flag”, according to the Diário da Causa Operária, a website linked to the PCO.

He also said that he spoke with members of the Arab community in Brazil who also supported the terrorist group “without suffering reprisal”. “People are more courageous now, citing Hamas and everything,” he added.

The PCO says it acts “in defense of resistance movements”, and has shown support for Hamas attacks since the beginning of the conflicts. Last Sunday (12), party and PSTU activists organized a march on Avenida Paulista, openly defending the actions of the terrorist group that holds hundreds of people hostage and uses civilians as human shields.

The event in the capital of São Paulo also had the support of trade unions such as CUT and Conlutas, which displayed flags alongside banners in favor of Hamas.

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