Justice keeps doctor suspected of sexual abuse in prison in MG – 11/21/2023 – Health

Justice keeps doctor suspected of sexual abuse in prison in MG – 11/21/2023 – Health

The Court of Justice of Minas Gerais ordered that the arrest of cardiologist Roberto Márcio Martins de Oliveira, 58, suspected of sexual rape through fraud against a patient, be maintained. He was arrested last Friday (17). According to the Civil Police of Minas, he is suspected of having abused at least five women in the last five years.

The police are also investigating another case involving a patient from Oliveira. Jéssica Marques Vieira, 32, died on the 4th during the removal of an IUD (intrauterine device) by a cardiologist in Matosinhos, in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte. Police have not confirmed whether the doctor is formally investigated for the death.

Lawyer Marjorie Faria, who defends the doctor, said that he denies committing the crimes. Regarding Vieira’s death, she says that the victim had been treated by the professional for more than ten years due to a chronic illness and that it was a “sad fatality”. The defense filed a request for habeas corpus against the suspect, which will still be analyzed by the TJ.

According to delegate Cláudio de Freitas Neto, the way in which the abuses occurred according to the reports is similar. Despite his title as a specialist in cardiology, the doctor performed gynecological examinations and procedures on patients as a “courtesy”. One of the victims reported to the police that, during the treatment, abusive touches and words of a sexual tone were made.

“The victim went to the doctor to undergo a surgical procedure and during the treatment he offered a free endovaginal examination. The procedure took a long time when the abuse occurred”, says the police chief. The complaint was made in September 2023, but there are reports of other crimes committed since 2018.

The patient’s death on the 4th was the main reason for more women to report it, the delegate believes. “As soon as it was reported, four other women went to the police station. We believe there may be other cases, but there is a fear of reporting. He is a respected and well-known person in the city”, says Freitas Neto.

According to the delegate, one of the victims reported having been threatened by the suspect. “He even sent an audio containing threats to one of the victims. Furthermore, one of the witnesses said that he pressured for the report to be changed,” he said.

In addition to the arrest, search and seizure warrants were executed at the doctor’s address and clinic. “Based on the way he acted and the repetition of the reports, we believe that there may be other victims. The investigation is still ongoing, but it suggests that he acted repeatedly and could be considered a serial abuser.”

The police must indict the doctor for the crime of sexual rape through fraud, article 215 of the Penal Code, with a penalty of six years in prison.

Vieira’s death also remains under investigation. The IML (Legal Medical Institute) report on the cause of the young woman’s death has not yet been completed.

Clínica Med Center, which belongs to Oliveira, was closed by Matozinhos City Hall. The municipality informed that the establishment was only authorized to work in cardiology.

“The records only indicated the ability to carry out medical clinics and outpatient care activities, with the necessary structure for first aid, as stated in the Health Permit and the National Registry of Health Establishments”, says a note from the city hall. The clinic remains closed.

Lawyer Marjorie Faria, who represents Oliveira, said that the patient’s death was a “sad fate” and that he spared no effort to save her.

“The defense understands that the decision that decreed precautionary segregation lacks suitable elements, given that the legal requirements are not present”, says lawyer Marjorie Faria, who represents the doctor.

The defender states that the client has been practicing medicine for 33 years, without having been the subject of any complaints. “The doctor vehemently denies that he committed any inappropriate conduct in his care and apologizes to any and all patients who may have felt uncomfortable in his office.”

The suspect is regularly registered with the CFM (Federal Council of Medicine). His areas of activity are cardiology and vascular ultrasound with Doppler.

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