Chef from Paraná is among the 20 best in the world

Chef from Paraná is among the 20 best in the world

Manu Buffara: among the 20 best chefs in the world.| Photo: Disclosure

Paraná chef Manu Buffara is among the 20 best in the world. Manu came in 19th place in The Best Chefs ranking released on Monday night (20) in Mexico. The woman from Paraná, who was already on the list in 2022, rose 29 positions, being the second highest placed Brazilian in the ranking. Chef Alex Atala, from DOM, occupies 17th position.

In addition to Manu Buffara and Atala, four other Brazilians appear on the list of the 100 best chefs in the world. Helena Rizzo (94th), Lisiane Arouca and Fabrício Lemos (74th) and Alberto Landgraf, also from Paraná, (40th). Helena and Landgraf were already on the list in 2022 and also reached new positions. The couple Lisiane and Fabrício, from Origem, Salvador (BA), appears for the first time in this year’s ranking.

At the top of the list is Spaniard Dabiz Muñoz, who won the title for the third year in a row. Also successful on social media, Munõz runs the three-star Michelin DiverXo and is also in charge of more popular businesses, all marked, however, by avant-garde cuisine.

The second in the ranking is also from Spain. Albert Adrià is at the helm of Enigma, and is considered one of the pioneers of the “gastrobar” concept. Brother of chef Ferran Adriá, in 2021 Albert closed all the restaurants he ran in Barcelona due to the pandemic.

The top 10 of The Best Chefs is also made up of Ana Rós (Slovenia), René Redzepi (Denmark), Andoni Luis Aduriz (Spain), Rasmus Munk (Denmark), the three chefs from the Spanish Disfrutar (Orio Castro Forns, Eduard Xatruch Cerro and Mateu Casañas Puignau), Joan Roca (Spain), Junghyhun Park (South Korea) and Rodolfo Guzmán (Chile).

The complete ranking of The Best Chefs 2023 with the 100 best in the world is available on the awards website.

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