Jean Wyllys calls for censorship of media outlets that reported “drug lady”

Jean Wyllys calls for censorship of media outlets that reported “drug lady”

Former federal deputy Jean Wyllys (PSOL – RJ), during a press conference.| Photo: Chamber of Deputies

Former federal deputy Jean Wyllys demanded this Thursday (16) the creation of a public policy against “digital disinformation”. He criticized the vehicles “Estadão, Folha de São Paulo, Organizações Globo“, for disseminating, according to him, “misinformation” about the Minister of Justice, Flávio Dino, and the President of the Republic, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT).

Wyllys’ review was published in X networkafter the publication of the “drug lady’s” visits to the Ministry of Justice, which were financed by the Ministry of Human Rights.

“Disinformation will once again be used as a political weapon by these right-wing oligarchic media against the left; defamation will not cease, especially when there are bad characters willing to get their hands dirty in the place of their bosses,” wrote the former parliamentarian .

According to Wyllys, Lula’s government needs to present “a public policy plan to confront this evil that threatens democracy and causes harm to individuals and groups.” “One year of government and so far it has not even presented – at least I have not seen – a draft of articulated and viable policies for Public Communication (which is not government communication) nor for the effective confrontation of digital disinformation and cyber threats”, pointed.

Wyllys also said that next year’s elections could “be poisoned by lies”. And she questions “what has been done in terms of public policies so far to prevent the disaster from happening again?”

Theologian and philosopher Leonardo Boff also came out in defense of President Lula and Minister Flávio Dino, following allegations of the government’s proximity to the Red Command. He referred to the press as “terrorists”, because, according to Boff, “they keep throwing bombs at Lula and Minister Dino, people who only did good.” “I’m abroad and I understand how detached they are from reality. And they distort and lie. They join the Cabinet of hate”, he wrote on the X network.

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