Jardim Felicidade II neighborhood gains new sports and leisure space – News of Brazil

Jardim Felicidade II neighborhood gains new sports and leisure space – News of Brazil


This Saturday (3), Macapá City Hall handed over the Arena and Praça Caldeirão, located in the Jardim Felicidade II neighborhood, in the North Zone of the capital. The size of the built area is 3,735 square meters.

The square hosted table tennis and futmesa; outdoor gym; bathrooms; trash cans; bus stop; public drinking fountain; paintings; revitalization of kiosks; of the fences; the two stands, the announce booth and the multi-sports court; banks; green area, trash cans; LED lighting and Family Space: with seesaw; chess tables; balance sheets; slide and pet drinking fountain. Investment was R$ 1,501,117.09 from the Municipal Treasury.

The renovation of the Arena with new synthetic grass and drainage channel cost R$ 559,702.39, from a Federal amendment by Senator Davi Alcolumbre, plus a contribution from the Municipal Treasury.

The Municipal Department of Sport and Leisure (Semel) equipped the sports environment with balls, nets, rackets and other materials. “A place completely redeveloped by Macapá City Hall. Ideal place to enhance sport, leisure and social interactions between family and friends in the North Zone”, highlighted the owner of Semel, Bruno Igreja.

The president of the Association of Singles, Married, Veterans and Friends of Jardim Felicidade II, José Rodrigues, stated that the dream of a new arena has become reality. “I feel happy and excited, because we received a gift at the beginning of the month. In addition to the square, the streets were paved. We spent 30 years in the mud. We thank the management for all their attention to our community,” he said.

“On the last Sunday agenda, the beauty of this place caught my attention. We planted seven trees to ensure thermal comfort. These are spaces that only existed in gated communities. Now, we bring an arena, kiosks and ping pong and futmesa tables to our people. Everything is public. On the eve of the city’s anniversary, we delivered a gift to the North Zone”, concluded Mayor Dr. Furlan.

Jocildo Lemos stated that the senator’s mandate allocated the resource, the municipal government received it and “used it well”. “This translates effectively into a better quality of life for people. Living with joy means giving everyone access to the public resources and equipment available to the city of Macapá”, he considered.

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