Italian white is perfect for summer – 12/08/2023 – Red or White

Italian white is perfect for summer – 12/08/2023 – Red or White

Trebbiano produces fresh, fruity white wines. I tried some really good ones recently. My feeling is that, at least in Brazil, there is a revival of this traditional grape. Delicate, they go great as an aperitif on hot summer days (or nights). Pure or accompanied by fish bait, for example, they are a great option to take on the beach or in the pool. So in my bag today, I’m going to put three good, reasonably priced Trebbianos.

One of the most planted white grapes in Italy, trebbiano originates from the eastern Mediterranean. Today it is also in several other countries, under several other names. The best known of these is ugni blanc, a name used in Provence.

As there is a great variation in the characteristics of trebbiano grapes and wines from different regions, it is considered that, in fact, trebbiano is a family of grapes just like Moscatos. Among the most famous Trebbiano wines are Tuscan Trebbiano and Trebbiano d’Abbruzzo.

In Brazil, because it is very resistant, trebbiano was one of the most popular white grapes among settlers in the South before the arrival of American grapes. Even after that, it never stopped being planted. It arrived in 1886, brought by Antonio Pieruccini, who planted it where Caxias do Sul is today.

Next, two Brazilian Trebbianos and one Italian for you to enjoy ice creams.

Novaripa Areline Trebbiano d’Abbruzzo 2020
I tried this wine at a tasting that Premium Wines held in its showroom. It was one of the cheapest wines of the afternoon and was one of the ones that enchanted me the most. It is very fresh, elegant, with aromas of pear, a delicate citrus. On a hot night on a balcony at the beach, I would happily kill him.
It costs R$ 104.00, at Premium Wines.

Wild Trebbiano Crumb 2023
I’m a big fan of Wild red, a light wine that goes very well and doesn’t give you a hangover. Therefore, I was happy when I found out that Miolo would launch the white Wild. Both are made with yeast from the grape itself and fermentation is spontaneous. In the end, the producer does not add SO2, a sulfur-based preservative gas used in 99% of the world’s wines. This explains why this wine doesn’t give you a hangover: it has fewer chemicals. The aromas are more like citrus. In the mouth, it has a delicious sourness. It costs R$ 79.00 on the Miolo website.

Trebbiano House Viccas
This is an orange wine. In other words, the grape skins and their juice remained in contact for a long time. Thus, they end up transferring aromas and other properties from the grape to the wine, such as body and unctuousness. As the acidity is very good, it is not heavy. It’s very dry. It even has a savory touch. Which is common in natural wines. It costs R$110 on the Casa Viccas website.

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