iPhone 15: Apple is expected to launch new cell phones this Tuesday; see what to expect

iPhone 15: Apple is expected to launch new cell phones this Tuesday;  see what to expect

The brand announced an event for this Tuesday (12), starting at 2pm (Brasília time) and, according to American newspapers, it should announce four new iPhones. iPhone 14 Pro in an Apple store, in a photo from September 16, 2022 Reuters/Andrew Kelly Apple is expected to present the iPhone 15 this Tuesday (12) from 2pm (Brasília time). The expectation is that the company will follow what it adopted in previous years and reveal four cell phones. The iPhone 15 and 15 Plus should be the cheapest in the line, and the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max, the most expensive (and most powerful), according to Bloomberg. The prices of some new cell phones are expected to rise by US$100 (around R$500), according to analysts interviewed by the Wall Street Journal. Bloomberg also reported that Apple was considering an adjustment, but did not quote values. According to the newspapers, the main changes will come to the “Pro” models, which should have a titanium finish to make them lighter and have a look with thinner edges around the screens. Cell phones must also be equipped with the new A17 processor. The iPhone 15 Pro Max should have a more powerful optical zoom, which would allow it to capture images of distant objects with better quality. For the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus, the expectation is for the arrival of items that were launched in 2022 on the iPhone 14 Pro, such as the A16 processor and Dynamic Island, which makes the area around the front camera interact with animations from the iOS operating system. . All new models will also have the USB-C input (instead of Lightning) due to a determination made in 2022 by the European Union. MORE iPhone 14, 15 years after the launch of the original Apple iPhone Discover Vision Pro, Apple’s mixed reality glasses

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