Influencer mistreats child when carrying out Easter action to promote herself; VIDEO

Influencer mistreats child when carrying out Easter action to promote herself;  VIDEO



The influencer’s behavior outraged internet users

Digital influencer Malévola Alves outraged internet users when she filmed an initiative distributing chocolates to children in need. But what caught the most attention was an interaction between the young woman and a girl, who ended up not receiving the candy.

The girl expressed her disappointment at not receiving the box of chocolates. While asking the driver to leave the place, Maleficent reinforced: “Bye, let’s go! Take your finger off, otherwise I’ll close the window on your finger.”

Another attitude of Maleficent that had negative repercussions on the networks was the moment when she takes out her cell phone to give the candy to the first child. “Let me film it first”, said the influencer as she picked up her device to record the episode.

“Unfortunately, you give visibility to this type of person, regrettable”, highlighted one internet user. “These people will do anything for likes” and “She doesn’t want to help, she just wants to show up” suggested other users.

After the repercussions, Maleficent defended herself and explained the reason for her reaction. According to her, the child had already received his share of gifts and was trying to get more. “People take everything seriously, my God! They don’t seem to realize it was a joke. Unbearable people! Funny how no one offers help, isn’t it?” she pointed out.

The content creator also emphasized the importance of recording such actions to inspire others. “At least I did something! Imagine if everyone who helped filmed it, how much better the world would be. People take everything very seriously, incredible,” she concluded.

*With information from Diário do Centro do Mundo

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