Inclusion: Manaus company hires autistic people as young apprentices

Inclusion: Manaus company hires autistic people as young apprentices



Tumpex promotes inclusion by hiring autistic people to work in the administrative sector

Manaus (AM) — About a year ago, Tumpex, a solid waste collection company in Manaus, started to include people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in the Young Apprentice quota to work in the administrative sector with the opportunity to develop skills that, in the future, could open doors in the job market.

The first autistic person hired, in 2023, through the Young Apprentice Program, was Guilherme Mesquita Retroz, aged 16. According to Elane Santos Silva, in charge of the Human Resources (HR) sector at Tumpex, the boy underwent a major internal transformation after living in the work environment.

“The mother reported that before he wouldn’t lift his head or leave the room. Today, he talks to people looking straight into their eyes, he socializes with everyone”,

celebrates Elane, one of the biggest enthusiasts of the initiative.

To work at Tumpex, Guilherme first underwent training at the National Industrial Learning Service (Senai). There, he learned about procedures within the company, customer service and interpersonal relationships. After being approved, he was hired to work within the number of hours allowed by law.

Young Apprentices

Currently, the company employs 40 young apprentices aged between 14 and 24 who are enrolled, attending school or have graduated from high school, in addition to being enrolled in the Learning Program of a qualified institution such as Senai. In the case of an apprentice with a disability, there is no age limit.

Guilherme’s contract ended on March 31st. Another autistic person, Arthur Mosias Nascimento da Rocha, 18 years old, will take over his predecessor’s duties in serving visitors who go to the company’s headquarters.


Last week, the company took young apprentices to visit a historical landmark in the state, the Teatro Amazonas. In addition to visiting the monument, young men and women were also instructed on what Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is and the importance of respect for their full development.

Next month, when the “Abril Azul” campaign takes place, dedicated to raising awareness of ASD, Tumpex will publish a series of advertising pieces on social media alerting the population about the topic in order to increase the inclusion of these people in society.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), ASD is characterized by difficulty in communication, social interaction, as well as non-standard behaviors such as hyperfocus, agitation, refusal of physical and emotional contact. There are cases in which autism is associated with delays in the development of speech, motor coordination and the ability to relate.

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