In Manaus, the Carnaboi warm-up begins this Monday (5), in the Studio 5 plenary session

In Manaus, the Carnaboi warm-up begins this Monday (5), in the Studio 5 plenary session

Party rhythm

From Monday to Wednesday, with free entry, the event will bring together bovine rhythm musical attractions

Manaus (AM) – Esquenta do Carnaboi, which precedes the most traditional beef bumbá festival in Manaus, takes place this Monday and continues until Wednesday, on the 5th, 6th and 7th, in the plenary session of the Studio 5 Convention Center, av. Rodrigo Otávio, Industrial District. The movement around the rhythm that is contagious and represents the cultural identity of Amazonas, is a preview to get into the atmosphere of Carnaboi which, for the first time, will be held in the Studio 5 pavilion, Friday and Saturday (9th and 10th).

Both Esquenta and Carnaboi are part of the set of Carnival in the Forest actions, promoted by the State Government and carried out by the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy. In addition to the musical shows with artists from the beef circuit, the warm-ups receive a large structure, moving the crop production chain.

“The shows generate income for the artists, sound technicians, lighting technicians and professionals involved in the entire apparatus. During the warm-up, the public will have dozens of product sales stalls and gastronomic spaces at their disposal. It is an opportunity to generate income for local entrepreneurs, artistic classes and culture makers”,

said the Secretary of Culture, Marcos Apolo Muniz.

During the three ‘warm-up’ nights, the convention center’s plenary session will feature stalls selling artisanal products, such as bumbá accessories and all the fashion surrounding the theme, as well as food and drink stands.


The shows start at 7pm and go on until 11:30pm. This Monday (5), the Esquenta do Carnaboi stage welcomes: Nenê do Boi, Banda Kamayurá, Rafael Jr, Grupo Kuarup, Jardel Bentes, Tony Medeiros and Prince do Caprichoso.

On Tuesday (6), Itamar Benarroz, Cezar Pinheiro, João Paulo Faria, Canto da Mata, Leonardo Castelo, Renato Freitas, David Assayag and Batucada Garantido performed.

And on the last night, Wednesday (7), it’s the turn of Fellipe Jr, Adriano Aguiar, Black Marialva, Grupo Toada de Roda, Fabiano Neves, Edilson Santana, Patrick Araújo and Marujada de Guerra.

The complete Carnival in the Forest program can be followed on social media @culturadoam.

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