Pablo’s pre-show at Bumbódromo has a duel of colors with Edmundo Oran and Israel Paulain

Pablo’s pre-show at Bumbódromo has a duel of colors with Edmundo Oran and Israel Paulain


Arena hosts the Rei do Arrocha show on March 2nd

The Bumbódromo de Parintins is the main stage for the duel between Caprichoso and Garantido and, on March 2nd, it will host a performance by singer Pablo, the King of Arrocha.

Responsible for conducting the bumbá performances at the Arena, the artists Edmundo Oran and Israel Paulain will warm up the audience that goes to the show, showing a ‘taste’ of what the festival of the bulls has in store for this year.

“It is always a joy to bring this rivalry that is so enjoyable and respected to our sacred place. Our blue nation can expect a presentation like us: happy, vibrant and champion. In fact, two-time champion”,

poked Oran.

“We have songs sung all over the world. Only the most champion ox in Parintins can win hearts and it will be like that on March 2nd”,

replied Paulain to his colleague’s provocation.

In addition to Edmundo Oran and Israel Paulain, Banda dos Tops also warms up for Pablo’s show at Bumbódromo.

Tickets are being sold at Moderninha Multimarcas and MJ Informática, in Parintins.

Prices vary depending on the sector chosen. Check out:

  • Central Stand: R$30;
  • Track: R$50;
  • VIP area: R$ 120 (with Frontstage access and exclusive bars and bathrooms).

Bahian phenomenon

Pablo, 37 years old, created a popular genre in Brazil: arrocha. He, who draws crowds across the country, is considered King.

At the end of October, he drew a crowd to the Arena da Amazônia, where he recorded the DVD that celebrates his 20-year career.

On March 2nd, at Bumbódromo, Pablo wants to celebrate this journey.

Pablo is known for his unique voice and for popularizing “arrocha” throughout Brazil.

The repertoire will include some of Pablo’s biggest hits, such as “Bilu Bilu”, “Chora, Não Bebê”, “Fui Fiel” and “Por que Homem Não Chora”, as well as more recent songs, such as “Deixa de Caô” , “E ai, Bê” and “Mega-Sena”.

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