I will not remain silent in front of churros – 11/15/2023 – Cozinha Bruta

I will not remain silent in front of churros – 11/15/2023 – Cozinha Bruta

It was taking a while, but it happened. One of these days, I open the website Sheet and I see a text about a certain World Churros Day. As?

The surprise, apart from the obvious bizarreness of inventing a date in honor of a fried food, lies in the nominal agreement. Day of (singular) Churros (plural). I disagree with the agreement and editorial choice, as a reader; If I were an editor, I might do the same.

The newspaper didn’t invent “churros.” It’s been like this for as long as I can remember.

Churros are plural because, originally from Spain, they come in portions of fried dough sticks to dip into chocolate.

It turns out that they adapted. The churros of my childhood were sold from carts on the street, always by the unit. A large unit, which the churros’ uncle penetrated with a metal probe to pornographically fill it with dulce de leche. Phallic to the extreme, but I avoid the subject.

A churro, but the sign on the cart said “stuffed churros”, so it was churros we talked about when we wanted to convince mom to buy us one. A churros, then.

We, Brazilians, have some tradition in singularizing the article of plural names. “The glasses”. “The skates”. It is an offense considered less serious than singularizing the name itself (“two pastels”).

Anyway: from there to the institutionalization of the break with the cultured norm is a big and bold step.

I tend to stick to current language. A thousand times “parmigiana” than the “parmigiana” that the manuals try to push us towards. I was never satisfied with the replacement of “mozzarella”, which I always saw on packaging and menus, with the “mozzarella” imposed by academics.

Churros go a little overboard. I know it’s stupid to fight him (them?), but I can’t shut up.

In fact, nothing like churros in this heat. Much better to have a beer.

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