‘Afro Music’ show takes place at Teatro Instacção in Manaus

‘Afro Music’ show takes place at Teatro Instacção in Manaus

Black conscience day

The show is made up of songs that allude to African roots

Manaus (AM) – The Young Choir of the Liceu de Artes e Ofícios Cláudio Santoro brings the show “Afro Music” to the Installation Theater, which pays homage to Black Consciousness Day. The presentation takes place on November 16th, at 7pm, and has free entry.

Black Awareness Day, established on November 20th, is an important date for the Afro-Brazilian cultural context, in recognition of African ancestry in the social, interracial, religious and cultural constitution of nations.

With characteristically African musicality and linguistically differentiated vocal work, the concert proposal includes the addition of percussive instruments, colorful clothing for the singers, choreography and representative symbolism in the scene.

“It is a show designed with a lot of love and affection for the public, with Afro-Brazilian songs, which bring roots and even African dialects, to represent this very important date and ensure that we do not forget our history”,

declared Gabriel Freitas, member of the Liceu Jovem Choir, about the relevance of the concert’s repertoire.

Liceu Cláudio Santoro is a free arts school implemented by the Government of Amazonas, through the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy, which brings the democratization of the teaching of arts such as music, dance and theater.

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