Governor Clécio declares an emergency situation in Macapá to help families affected in Aturiá – News of Brazil

Governor Clécio declares an emergency situation in Macapá to help families affected in Aturiá – News of Brazil

On the night of this Monday, the 12th, governor Clécio Luís signed an emergency decree in Macapá, to help families suffering from erosion and falling houses in Aturiá, on the edge of the Amazon River. The measure was adopted following a recommendation from the State Civil Defense, due to the disaster condition.

With the decree, the State Government will intensify the assistance actions that have been taking place in the region since Saturday, 10th. The Rapid Response Committee has already assessed the damage to homes and spoken to residents who suffered losses. So far, 16 houses with structural damage have been mapped.

“We have been dealing with this situation in Araxá, Aturiá, with Senator Davi Alcolumbre and Minister Waldez Góes all these days. [da Integração e Desenvolvimento Regional]. This decree will allow us to guarantee greater conditions, dignity, security, housing and support for these families”, commented the governor.

Also this Monday, the Government of Amapá delivered mattresses and food, personal hygiene and menstrual dignity kits to those affected. The action also guaranteed residents psychological support, medical care and registration in social programs, such as Renda Para Viver Melhor and Aluguel Social.
“The Government is present, quickly, I have seen that this work is happening even now during the carnival period. The presence of the State to minimize the suffering of families, due to that natural problem, and the institutional relationship with the Federal Government is fundamental and the signing of the decree protects these families from this unfortunate event”, described Senator Davi Alcolumbre.

According to the Civil Defense, the advance of the Amazon River in Aturiá is a natural phenomenon regularly monitored by the agency, mainly during the Amazon winter, to identify the most critical points and assist people who need help.

In addition to the State Civil Defense, the action is coordinated by the State Departments of Social Assistance and Infrastructure. The decree is valid for 180 days.

Help for families
In the Aturiá region, in Macapá, some people live in situations of high social and economic vulnerability, which is why State help is essential to guarantee dignity and comfort for these families at this time of risk.

For urgent cases, the Government of Amapá has a state school, in the South Zone of Macapá, to receive displaced and homeless families. So far, only one family has needed to be removed from the site due to the risk of the property collapsing and the presence of an elderly woman with low vision.

In addition to emergency measures, the State has projects focused on a definitive solution to the situation, such as the construction of the retaining wall and the urbanization of the Aturiá waterfront, which will be transformed into a large complex.

Teams from the State Department of Housing, State Department of Health (Sesa), State Department of Mobilization, State Department of Transport (Setrap) and the Amapá Health Surveillance Superintendency (SVS) are also part of the action.

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