Free digital cinema workshop takes place in Manaus

Free digital cinema workshop takes place in Manaus


Training includes workshops on film history, scriptwriting, photography direction, among other activities

Manaus (AM) – Manaus City Hall, through the Municipal Cultural, Tourism and Events Foundation (Manauscult) and the Municipal Culture Council (Concultura), is holding, until December 14th, the digital cinema workshop “Comunidade in Set”, which aims to reveal new Manaus talents for the noble art. The project, which was one of those included in the “Manaus Faz Cultura (MFC)” notice, takes place at the socio-educational headquarters of the Santa Rita de Cássia church, located in the Cachoeirinha neighborhood, in the South zone.

To get to know the activities up close, the president of Concultura, Neilo Batista, participated, last Wednesday (15), in a practical class on the recording set and highlighted the importance of the notice for the population.

“We are already in the third year of the MFC project and reaching the periphery, places that are really in need, following the recommendations of Mayor David Almeida, to decentralize and expand support and incentives for workers and creators of culture”,

said Neilo.

He took the opportunity to alert participants to the launch of the new “Aldir Blanc” notice, scheduled for 2024, which will be valid for four years, guaranteeing substantial resources to encourage all artistic manifestations.

Proponent of the project, director and videomaker Bruno Pereira said that the digital cinema workshop is in its second year and has two classes totaling 107 students, in the afternoon and evening shifts.

“Public policy, when it reaches the community, reaching the periphery, has a result that is to reveal new talents as we have been doing since last year”,

quoted Pereira.

The “Community in Set” course is aimed at the population of all ages and locations in Manaus, with classes taught by professionals who work in digital cinema and audiovisual productions.

The training includes workshops on the history of cinema, scriptwriting, photography direction, acting techniques for cinema and TV, direct sound capture techniques, and production.

At the end of the training, participants will be challenged to go to the recording set and produce, record and finalize a short film, which will be shown at an open event for the community.


Social media Ewellyn Silva participated in the first edition of the project and pointed out that notices such as “Manaus Faz Cultura” are important to provide experiences and work for all ages.

Another former student who has already participated in productions is insurance broker Rodrigo de Souza.

“I made the film “Filha da Mãe d’Água”, with Bruno, and that’s when I entered the cultural industry. I took the course and that was when I had a little more experience with various interpretation tools,”

said the actor who intends to continue working in cinema.


The “Manaus Faz Cultura” notice, in the 2023 edition, included one hundred workshop projects with artistic-cultural content worth R$20 thousand each. They were covered in all areas of the city and surrounding the capital, by segments: literature (11), dance (12), theater and circus (13), visual arts (12), audiovisual (12), ethnic culture (11), music (12), popular culture (11), hip-hop and others (6).

In previous years, 40 projects were included in 2021, and another 60 workshops in 2022, decentralizing the incentive to culture in Manaus.

In 2023, 84 audiovisual projects, 53 ethnic culture, 77 popular culture, 86 dance, 47 literature, 101 music, 105 theater and circus, and 60 other aspects of culture were registered in the nine segments. .

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