Firmness and consistent proposals give absolute prominence to Professor Sanches during the debate

Firmness and consistent proposals give absolute prominence to Professor Sanches during the debate

With just a few days to go until the 2023 Confea/Crea and Mútua System elections, which will take place on November 17th, for the first time in an online format, took place on Monday afternoon (13th), the debate between the candidates for President of the Council Region of Agronomy and Engineering of Amazonas (Crea-AM), with live broadcast on Rede Onda Digital, channel 8.2 of open TV and simultaneously on frequency 92.3, Rádio FM Onda Digital, on the Meio Dia Program, with Jefferson Coronel.

Before starting the debate, behind the scenes, professor Sanches, candidate for president of Crea-AM, highlighted the relevance of a communication group providing the population with opportunities to discuss the activities of Crea Amazonas professionals and the elections of such a council. important for society.

“This moment is very important for the Crea-Am professional. It is the opportunity to learn about the proposals, thus exercising democracy through voting, electing your representative with responsibility and commitment”,

says Professor Sanches.

Opening of the Debate

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At the beginning of the program, Professor Sanches was the first name to be drawn and opened the debate. During his presentation, he highlighted his complete and vast professional experience, as Colonel of the Military Engineers of the Brazilian Army, Civil Engineer, Cartographer Engineer, Occupational Safety Engineer, Public Employee, University Professor, Doctor in Planning and Strategy from ECEME/RJ and as General Director of the Crea Professionals Assistance Fund (Mútua-AM), in the three-year periods 2018/2020 and 2021/2023. Then, he honored all the professional women at Crea-Am by delivering an arrangement of roses to candidate Alzira.

In a cordial atmosphere, mediated by journalist and political organizer Jefferson Coronel, during two hours of debate, several topics were discussed for the management of the 2024-2026 three-year period of Crea-Am, below.

Crea-AM internalization

With an innovative initiative, Sanches highlighted the importance of inspectorates in the interior of the state and what he intends to do to minimize the gaps in the current management.

“As a proposal, we will create a work and networking space, providing quality internet for the inspectorates, with an exclusive link between the interior and the capital, so that demands can be met immediately. A collaborative and shared space, a coworking space, for Crea professionals, with support specialists and also a suitable environment for training and professional development”,

noted Prof. Sanchez.

Crea-AM Club

Recognizing the importance of encouraging participation in sporting activities and offering leisure and entertainment options, promoting integration between Crea-Am professionals and their families, Professor Sanches spoke about the creation of the Crea-Am Club.

“Our campaign front was with the board of directors of the Association of Sergeants of the Amazon – Clube ASA, where we formalized the term of intention of the agreement for the creation of the Clube do Crea. I would like to take this opportunity to talk about yet another new development, which is the signing of the Term of Intent of Agreement between the “Always Doing More” front and the Paraíso D´angelo Tourist Complex, an important jungle hotel located in Manacapuru, 96 km away from Manaus. During my management we will have our own headquarters. The Crea Amazonas Club will be an achievement for all of us”,

highlighted the candidate.

Minimum wage

One of the highlights of the debate occurred when the issue of the minimum wage was addressed, adopted by Confea/Crea (Law 4,950-A of 1966), with 6 minimum wages as the calculation basis for a 6-hour daily working day. . According to Sanches, it is necessary to reactivate the Amazonas Engineers Union (SENGE/AM) to represent the class’ demands on the topic.

“The union has to return to representing Crea-Am professionals, fighting for the class and working together with political leaders. We need to pass laws that monitor and protect the engineers, geoscience professionals and technicians who are part of the Council. Only with an active union will we be able to change, move our agendas forward and strengthen the class. We deserve to be hired and paid for what we study and not for salaries stipulated by the contractors. An engineer must be hired as an engineer and not as a technician. This is a common practice for companies in Amazonas”,

stressed Sanches.

Mutual Management-AM

As General Director of the Crea Professionals Assistance Fund (Mútua-AM) in the three-year periods 2018/2020 and 2021/2023, Professor Sanches highlighted that he took over the entity with 700 members and expanded it to almost 2300. He also made it possible to grant more than 18 millions in benefits to professionals. A value higher than all of Mútua’s previous managements combined.

“It takes responsibility and experience to achieve effective results. During my management at Mútua Amazonas, we more than tripled the number of members and achieved historic achievements for the benefit of members”,

said the candidate.

Crea-AM employment and professional qualifications

Another prominent topic was job opportunities for Crea-Am professionals and the qualification of the workforce.

“We will create ‘Crea Emprego’, which is a database in partnership with companies registered with the Council and that hire professionals from the system starting in the professional market, and also those who are outside the job market. What’s more, these professionals will have access to another program, ‘Learn and Expand’, which will offer support through courses, workshops and workshops”,

highlighted Sanches.

Anguish and Desires

Professionals report excessive delays in issuing the Technical Collection Certificate (CAT), with cases taking more than 6 months and numerous dropouts. Sanches shares this anguish.

“Noble professional colleagues, we need a representative, in the presidency of Crea-Am, who lives and feels in practice the problems faced by our colleagues on a daily basis. We need a representative who knows our reality. I am this representative,

says Sanches.

Final considerations

The professor ended the debate by reaffirming his competence, experience and management capabilities, highlighting that he is the most prepared candidate to assume the presidency of the Amazonas Regional Engineering and Agronomy Council (Crea-Am).

“System Professional, you only need a minute to decide the future of CREA-AM for the next three years. Don’t miss this opportunity, we cannot risk the future of our council, so this Friday, November 17th, value your vote: Vinicius Marchese for president of Confea, professor Sanches for president of Crea-Am Sandro Ramalho, for General Director of Mútua Amazonas and Machadão, for Administrative Director of Mútua Amazonas. Let’s go towards victory”,

concluded Professor Sanches.

*With information from consultancy

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