FGTS: Change in birthday withdrawal is postponed, says Marinho – 12/05/2023 – Market

FGTS: Change in birthday withdrawal is postponed, says Marinho – 12/05/2023 – Market

The Minister of Labor and Employment, Luiz Marinho, stated this Tuesday (5) that the changes to the rules for the anniversary withdrawal of the FGTS (Guarantee Fund for Length of Service) will remain until next year.

Marinho also adds that there are currently “difficulties” in completing the drafting of the bill that regulates the activities of app drivers.

And he repeated that there is no agreement regarding delivery people, because values ​​proposed by the companies are unacceptable, from the government’s point of view.

Marinho participated this Tuesday morning (5) in the live broadcast of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) on social media, Conversa com o Presidente.

The transmission was made from Berlin, Germany. The European country is the last stop on the international trip that Lula began last week. He visited Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, where he participated in COP 28.

The Minister of Labor and Employment apologized to the workers who were fired and were unable to withdraw their FGTS, but said that it was not possible to complete the proposal that changes the rules for birthday withdrawals.

“I want to apologize to this group of workers. We won’t be able to resolve it this year, but certainly at the beginning of the year we will be creating legislative proposals to send to the National Congress and definitively resolve this issue of the Guarantee Fund”, stated the minister.

Marinho repeated several times this year that he would forward the proposal with these changes to the National Congress, still in 2023.

The proposal makes it possible to release the FGTS balance for those who opted for the birthday withdrawal in recent years and who were unable to access the resources when they were fired. It had been forwarded in August from the Ministry of Labor to the Civil House, which then decided to listen to the economic team.

The assessment in Planalto is that the proposal may face difficulties during processing. This is because there is an assessment that deputies and senators resist modifying or abolishing a rule that they themselves approved.

Deputies and senators may resist giving approval to a measure that could “empty the fund”, despite it being popular among workers and injecting resources into the economy.

Furthermore, the creation of the anniversary loot had a great deal of coordination from Congress previously. The proposal that changed the rules at the time was created through an MP by the Jair Bolsonaro (PL) government and gained the support of the benches, both government and opposition.

Difficulties in the law for app drivers

The minister also added during the live that there are difficulties in finalizing the wording of the proposal that regulates the activity of application workers.

“With the transport of people, the agreement is formalized from the point of view of values, procedures, concept. We are having great difficulty finalizing the wording of the agreement, because the wording of the agreement in practice will be the legislative project to submit to the parliamentarian to become law. And then we have a difficulty with the lawyers, but I believe we can get it right this year”, stated the minister.

He repeated that there is no agreement regarding app workers who make deliveries, but that a proposal must be forwarded anyway.

“With delivery workers, there is no agreement because the companies want a very low salary, less than the minimum wage, and this is unacceptable from the point of view of our government, so we did not reach this agreement. Forwarding the transport agreement people, we are going to create a bill with the same concepts as well, in relation to employers”, he added.

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