Fernando Diniz tries to repeat the show with the Brazilian team

Fernando Diniz tries to repeat the show with the Brazilian team

Fernando Diniz continues his interim period at the head of the Brazilian team with the idea of ​​transforming it into a team capable of putting on shows and winning. O Brazil did this in the debut of the South American Qualifiers against Boliviawith the score 5-1 in Belém, and now the coach faces his first challenge away from home: the duel with Peru, in Lima, this Tuesday, at 11pm (Brasília time).

Diniz does not hide that his reference is the 1982 World Cup team, which did not win that World Cup, but enchanted with the football art of the best midfield in the world, formed by Cerezo, Falcão, Sócrates and Zico, under the command of Telê Santana.

“It was a team that enchanted even without winning. It scored, it awakened the desire of many people to want to be a player and enjoy football. Therefore, it fulfilled its role very well”, explained Diniz, who says he prefers art to science, although I like balance when you have to choose between reason and emotion. “Not putting reason aside, but as I think life is more art than science, in football we can also make things happen like the ’82 team did.”

The speech of all the players called up for the first two matches of the Qualifiers is homogeneous: according to them, the beginning of the cycle for the 2026 World Cup is being pleasurable under the orders of a coach who prioritizes the beautiful game.

“It’s different, it’s new… It’s making us want to. We finish training and everyone feels like we can train for another 15, 20 minutes. Everyone is enjoying it and expectations are as good as possible and we hope to continue in the same way”, he summarized Bruno Guimarãesone of those who had already worked with the technician. In the case of the midfielder, who started against Bolivia, it was in the Athletico-PR.

“Anyone who knows Diniz knows the special way he sees football. He sees football in a different way, he’s a different guy”, he said, praising the boss.

Expelled from the Qatar Cup, Matheus Cunha was one of those who gained space with Diniz. In a squad with few new faces, the Wolverhampton striker was once again among those selected, even though he was a reserve. “For getting to where we are, we have a strong sense of learning within us, everyone wants to learn. When we come up with something so new, innovative, it awakens the curiosity of wanting to assimilate”, he says about the work of the coach hired on an interim basis until Carlo Ancelotti arrives.

Like Diniz, Cunha believes that the current team can emulate the one from 1982. “I didn’t go into depth about how beautiful and remarkable it was to have a team with so many stars (in 1982), but I think we can be all that what he (Diniz) says”.

The game of mobility, dynamic, without guarded positions, pleases defenders and attackers. One of the leaders of the squad, Marquinhos is happy with the new coach’s ideas in the team, in a scheme of enormous intensity, in which “all players participate” and it is possible to see, for example, a full-back and full-back playing the role of midfielder , floating between lines.

“It’s an interesting thing, it’s enjoyable, because everyone participates and we know how important each position is. Midfielders, midfielders, will have the same concentration and responsibility as a defender. And all of this will be very important for collective growth”, believes the defender from PSG.

The greatest star of this generation continues to be Neymar, more enchanted by Diniz’s ideas. Against Bolivia, the number 10 scored two goals, passed Pelé in the team’s historic top scorer (in the CBF’s accounts), provided assistance, dribbling, almost scored a goal and showed that he was comfortable being coached by a professional who “likes to reinvent football” and rejects “doing the same things”, in the words of the Al-Hilal star.

“It was the beginning of a bright future that he will have here in the national team and wherever he is”, summarized the coach about the group’s biggest star. Diniz will repeat the lineup that defeated the Bolivians. Not even Richarlison, who differed from the rest of the group, with missed goals, will be removed from the starting team.

Peru debuted with a goalless draw against Paraguay away from home. Coach Juan Reynoso’s team, Ricardo Gareca’s replacement, makes its home debut in the competition. The Peruvian team has won just once in the last five games.

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