Feijoada Planeta Boi takes the lead and offers customization to customers

Feijoada Planeta Boi takes the lead and offers customization to customers



Amazon Best action takes place at Loja Sapatinho de Luxo, on three dates in April

Manaus (AM) – Amazon Best offers customers the free customization of shirts purchased for this year’s edition of Feijoada Planeta Boi, which will be held on April 13th (Saturday). Customers can request the service between 11am and 5pm, at the Sapatinho de Luxo store, located at Rua João Valério, 128, Nossa Senhora das Graças neighborhood.

Customization includes basic models, with cutouts and application of feathers and stones. The service can be requested on three dates in April: 4th, 5th and 12th.

The entire creative process of the customized shirts is carried out by the talented artisan Rodrigo Paiva, from Ateliê do Paiva, responsible for creating exclusive pieces for official Caprichoso and Garantido items.

Creativity and good taste

Rodrigo says that his imagination “soared” when watching the Parintins Festival, which made him, at the age of 14, dive into the universe of threads and needles. Self-taught, he began to dress singers and other Amazonian personalities with the aim of seeing his work gain visibility.

“When entering the world of art I came across many barriers, difficulties and challenges… I met people who helped me grow”

Born in Itacoatiara, Paiva, now 30 years old, says he “feels fulfilled and valued” with the invitation made by Amazon Best.

“I feel like I’m on the right path, realizing dreams and goals. I participate in some big events as a customizer and prop designer, something I only dreamed of. I am eternally grateful”, said the artist.

*With information from consultancy.

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