Exhibition “The Tourist View of the Amazon” arrives at hotel in Manaus

Exhibition “The Tourist View of the Amazon” arrives at hotel in Manaus

Photographic exhibition

New edition of the exhibition “O Olhar Turístico sobre o Amazonas” runs until October 24th, in allusion to World Tourism Day

Manaus (AM) – Images revealing different views of tourist attractions in Manaus and the municipalities of Itacoatiara, Iranduba, Lábrea, Maués and Parintins will be in evidence in the foyer of the Comfort Hotel Manaus from this Thursday (28). This is the new edition of the exhibition “O Olhar Turístico sobre o Amazonas”, which runs until October 24th, in reference to World Tourism Day (September 27th) and the anniversary of the capital of Amazonas.

Held by the Government of Amazonas, through the Secretariat of State for Culture and Creative Economy of Amazonas (SEC), the exhibition is curated by photographers Selma Carvalho and Mariana Rebouças, both honored by the Legislative Assembly of the State of Amazonas (Aleam) and by the Manaus City Council (CMM) in 2022 due to the relevant contribution to the development of the profession in the State.

In total, 25 photographs printed in size 50×70 cm will be available to be enjoyed by guests and passers-by in the space, showing some of the portals of Amazonas, including: the Market Municipal Adolpho Lisboa, in Manaus; the beaches of Maués; the Itacoatiara green tunnel; the Praça da Matriz de Lábrea; and the Bumbódromo and Capacete dos Tupinambás, both in Parintins.

“Our objective was to bring together works by photographers living in other municipalities, presenting the tourist attractions of their own city, with the purpose of arousing more and more interest in visitors, not only in Manaus but also in cities in the interior of Amazonas”,

points out Selma.

Albino Nascimento, Alexandre Vieira, Eliton Gomes, Francisco Barboza, Franklin Holanda, José Rodrigues, Ricardo Balby, Rodrigo Gatto, Simone Brandão and Valter Calheiros make up the list of selected photographers, five of whom reside in Manaus and five from other municipalities.

Municipal Market Adolpho Lisboa Photo: Ricardo Balby

According to the curators, through the eyes of the photographers, tourists who pass by the Comfort Hotel Manaus – located in Industrial District I – will also be able to discover the beauties and potential of other cities in the State.

“As Amazonas is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Brazil, the exhibition ‘The Tourist View of Amazonas’ could not be in a better place, considering the large movement of professionals from other states and tourists staying at the hotel”,

observes Mariana.


Lábrea Square and Church Photo: José Rodrigues

The idea for the collective photography exhibition came up in 2022, with the aim of honoring Tourist Day, celebrated on June 13th. The first edition took place in June this year at Palacete Providencial.
Production Manager at the SEC Exhibition Center, Márcia Fernandes comments that this partnership with the Comfort Hotel Manaus for a reissue provides even more visibility to the project and, consequently, to local tourism.

“We analyze this partnership very positively. This is because tourists who pass by the hotel will be able to appreciate the tourist attractions of our region from different perspectives, which is the intention of the exhibition: to show Manaus and the cities in the interior from various angles and aspects”,


New commercial manager at Comfort Hotel Manaus, Bárbara Chalise states that one of the main objectives of the hotel belonging to the Atlantica Hospitality International chain – recognized for another consecutive year in the Choice Hotels awards – is to promote the State’s economy.

“This exhibition reinforces our purpose of showing the best things that Amazonas has to offer and of focusing and highlighting our talents and also the entire tourist potential of the region. We are very honored to establish this partnership with the Government of Amazonas and receive a quality exhibition, curated by the excellent photographers Selma and Mariana”, he highlights.

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