Feast of Our Lady of Aparecida 2023 celebrates 80 years of the parish, in Manaus

Feast of Our Lady of Aparecida 2023 celebrates 80 years of the parish, in Manaus

Manaus (AM) – With the theme “Church of Aparecida: 80 years of Life and Mission on this ground”, the Festival of the Patron Saint of Brazil 2023, in Manaus, will celebrate the 80th anniversary of the installation of the Paróquia Santuário Nossa Senhora Aparecida, located on Rua Comendador Alexandre Amorim, in Aparecida neighborhood, south of the capital. The Catholic program will take place between October 3rd and 12th.

The theme highlights the historical, social and educational importance of the church, canonically founded in September 1943, for evangelization.

“We want to rescue the history of the Parish, which over eight decades assisted thousands of people through pastoral care, movements and projects focused on assistance, psychological care, outpatient medical care, language courses and distribution of basic food baskets”,

explained the parish priest and rector, Father Agildo Alves.

This year’s event also aims to raise funds to help purchase a solar energy system for the Parish.

“The new system will bring savings of up to 70% in electricity costs, which are quite expensive. This is a way of contributing to the environment, through the consumption of clean energy”,

added Alves.

The Catholic festival begins with the traditional novenas at night, between the 3rd and 11th of October, starting at 7pm during the week and at 6pm on the weekend (Saturday and Sunday). The program includes the participation of pastorals and movements from communities in the Aparecida neighborhood, including the Nossa Senhora do Perpétuo Socorro and Sagrada Família Chapels, in the enthronements of the Holy Bible and the image of the Saint, in addition to the offering of flowers in honor of Our Lady.

According to the organization, the festivities involve around 400 people who work voluntarily on October 12th, Patron Saint’s Day. It is estimated that more than 80 thousand people will participate in the entire event.

Schedule for Day 12

On the 12th, Brazil’s Patron Saint’s Day, the celebrations will begin at 5:30 am with dawn, followed by the festive motorcade with the image of the Saint through the streets of the Center and Aparecida neighborhood and the blessing of the vehicles. At 7am you will have shared coffee. At 8 am, devotees of Our Lady of Aparecida are invited to attend the Solemn Celebration of Aparecida and at 10 am the Mass with the Children. In the afternoon, the program includes the Eucharistic Celebration of the 80th anniversary of the Parish of Aparecida at noon, the Mariano Rosary at 2pm, the Office of Our Lady at 3pm and entertainment at 4pm.

The program will continue at 5pm with the traditional procession of Our Lady of Aparecida, through the streets of the Aparecida neighborhood and the Center of Manaus and the Closing Mass, at 6pm.

Motorcade route – Aparecida/Center – 6:00 am

The motorcade of Nossa Senhora Aparecida will follow the following route through the streets of the Aparecida and Centro neighborhood: it will leave the church, located on Rua Alexandre Amorim, following the streets Luís Antony, Governador Vitório, Tamandaré, Floriano Peixoto; avenues Sete de Setembro, Joaquim Nabuco and Leonardo Malcher; then along the streets Luís Antony, Ramos Ferreira, Wilkens de Matos, returning along Alexandre Amorim.

Procession Route – Aparecida/Center – 5pm

The procession with the image of Our Lady of Aparecida will also travel through the streets of the Aparecida and Centro neighborhood: it will leave the church, located on Rua Alexandre Amorim, following streets Dez de Julho and Ferreira Pena, then Avenida Leonardo Malcher, Ruas Luís Antony, Ramos Ferreira, Wilkens de Matos, Alexandre Amorim, stopping at Coronel Salgado, the street where the stage for the celebration of Campal Mass will be located.

Arraiais and Bingão

The program will also feature festivals on the 7th, 8th and 14th of October, with sales of typical foods and cultural attractions. In addition to personalized blouses, sold for R$ 35.00, devotees can purchase Super Bingão, for R$ 15.00, at the Sanctuary secretariat and at the tent located outside the church, to compete for 12 (twelve ) prizes, which will be drawn on October 14th (Saturday), at 9pm. The prizes are:

1st prize: Fiat Mobi 0 km
2nd prize: R$ 10 thousand
3rd prize: R$5 thousand
4th prize: R$ 3 thousand
5th prize: R$2 thousand
6th prize: 1 iPhone
7th prize: Refrigerator
8th prize: Smart TV 32”
9th prize: Split 12000 Btus
10th prize: 4-burner stove
11th prize: Microwave
12th prize: image of Nossa Senhora Aparecida (Extra Prize)

Elevation of the Parish to the status of Sanctuary

The Nossa Senhora da Conceição Aparecida Parish was canonically established on September 7, 1943, the date on which the day of Our Lady of Aparecida was also celebrated. The implementation occurred with the arrival of Redemptorist Missionaries, who came from the United States to Manaus with the aim of contributing to the evangelization process in the Amazon.

Since October 12, 2007, the Parish has been elevated to the status of Sanctuary by determination of the Archbishop Emeritus of the capital, Dom Luiz Soares Vieira, due to the representativeness of the place and the graces achieved by the patron saint’s devotees.


Administered by the Vice-Province of the Congregation of the Holy Redeemer (C.Ss.R.), the parish currently has around 120 pastoral agents including teenagers, adults and elderly people who collaborate in various services implemented in the church through 20 pastoral and movements. Among them are the pastorals of Liturgy, Family and Communication, Catechesis, Catholic Faith and Youth Groups and the Mothers who Pray for their Children movement.

The physical structure of the church building, built by the community and priests, has internal and external areas that, together, total 87 meters in length. Measuring 44 meters long, the internal area of ​​the Sanctuary is 10.75 meters high, has 16 columns supporting the structure, each 9.45 meters high and capable of accommodating up to 700 people seated (7 people per bench), in the one hundred wooden benches with cushioned kneelers, which are arranged in three rows.

On the inner sides are located the five confessionals registered with the names of Redemptorist Saints. At the top of the exit door, there is the music booth, where the musical instruments used in masses, novenas and special celebrations are also kept.

In the external area, the church’s two towers are each approximately 27 meters high. The space also has a small stage for presentations and exhibitions and the Santo Afonso Parish Center, which has two auditoriums and rooms.

*with information from consultancy

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