Discover nudist beaches in Brazil and around the world – 04/03/2024 – Tourism

Discover nudist beaches in Brazil and around the world – 04/03/2024 – Tourism


It might feel a little strange to be naked in front of someone you’ve never met in your life. However, this feeling does not apply to naturism practitioners or the more curious tourists, who seek to explore different places for the practice, with nudist beaches being the most common.

Naturism represents a search for freedom and an intimate connection with nature through nudity. According to the Brazilian Federation of Naturism, the country currently has eight official beaches where it is possible to enjoy this experience.

Recently, naturism practitioners came into the spotlight in Santa Catarina. Galheta beach, in Florianópolis, decided to combat the presence of these people with inspectors and even the use of drones.

But don’t think that there are no rules in naturism. Quite the opposite: because they are authorized spaces, on each visit, tourists need to follow specific rules and recommendations. In Tambaba, Paraíba, one of the most famous places to go naked, unaccompanied men are prohibited from entering. It is also not permitted to engage in sexual activity on site, among other guidelines.

If you intend to explore some of these beaches on your next trip, see below which are the main ones in Brazil and around the world.

National nudist beaches

Pinho Beach (SC)
Located in Balneário Camboriú, Santa Catarina, it is considered the first nudist beach in Brazil. It was recognized in 1988 and is approximately 500 meters long. The place has calm seas, coarse sand and a family atmosphere, providing a popular destination among naturist fans for more than three decades.

Tambaba Beach (PB)
Located in Conde, Paraíba, it is known for its cliffs and crystal clear waters. The beach is divided into two areas: one for naturists and one for clothed visitors. Once there, tourists can choose which side they want to stay on. The great curiosity is that the space intended for people with clothes has a smaller strip of sand. This way, those who choose the naturist area enjoy the beach a little more.

Upon entering the nudist section, visitors come across a sign with the site’s rules and recommendations. And, of course, it is mandatory to take off your clothes at the beginning of the beach. Even though it is one of the best known in Brazil, Tambaba is very quiet and is often almost deserted. It is not uncommon to see only ten or 15 people in any place, including couples, women alone or in a group of friends.

To have an even deeper experience, tourists can stay at the only naturist inn on site. There, the rule is even more specific, and visitors can go down to have breakfast and walk around the premises without clothes at ease.

Abricó Beach (RJ)
Close to Recreio dos Bandeirantes, in the west zone of Rio de Janeiro, it offers a peaceful refuge for naturists amid the hustle and bustle of the city. It is very small, 250 meters long. Surrounded by the vegetation of the Grumari Biological Reserve, the place is almost a sanctuary for those looking to reconnect with nature. And, unlike other nudist beaches, it can welcome unaccompanied men, and even children.

Massarandupió Beach (BA)
Located on the north coast of Bahia, 93 kilometers from the capital Salvador, it is famous for its extensive dunes and coconut trees. Created in 1999, the place also has similar rules to Tambaba beach, and it is not allowed to be without clothes on the entire beach — only in a two-kilometer strip. The region’s naturist community is active and welcoming, organizing events and activities for visitors who want to explore the place.

Olho de Boi Beach (RJ)
Almost hidden and close to Búzios, in Rio de Janeiro, it has a small strip of sand and blue sea. But it’s not that simple to get to the place. You need to take a trail (considered easy) of 30 to 40 minutes, which starts at Praia Brava. It’s a very private place and not everyone knows about the existence of the nudist beach. For those who are a little shy, it is possible to hide among the rocks, but it is mandatory to be without clothes.

Barra Seca (ES)
Considered the only nudist beach in Espírito Santo, the place is 142 kilometers away from the capital Vitória. To get there, tourists must take a boat. The beach is divided into two: one part is intended for couples and members of Espírito Santo naturists, and the other is for people who are alone and want to practice nudism.

Galheta Beach (SC)
One of the most popular in the capital of Santa Catarina and surrounded by lots of vegetation, it is only accessible by trail. Until recently, it was a peaceful place for naturists and even for those who preferred to visit the strip of sand dressed — even though this went against local regulations. But the city decided to combat the presence of people without clothes, including inspectors and even using drones to find those who break the rules.

Pedras Altas Beach (SC)
It is in the municipality of Palhoça, 30 kilometers from the capital Florianópolis. To access the place, you need to take a trail that starts in the region called Enseada do Brito. The beach also has two sides: for people who want to practice nudism, and the other for those who are not interested. The site has infrastructure in both parts. For those who want to sleep on this beach, the nudist part also has a small and simple inn.

International nudist beaches

Red Beach (Greece)
Located on the paradisiacal island of Santorini, it is known for its reddish sand and crystal clear waters. Visitors can arrive by boat from nearby villages such as Matala. Naturism is practiced at both ends of the beach, and is widely accepted by residents on the island.

Wreck Beach (Canada)
Although it has an extensive area for nudism, being naked on site is optional. The beach is in Vancouver, Canada, and can be accessed via trails from the University of British Columbia campus or by boat. Rules are strictly followed, ensuring a respectful and calm environment for those who wish to take off their clothes.

Vera Playa beach (Spain)
In the Almería region, southern Spain, there is Vera Playa Beach, one of the main naturist destinations in the country. More than two kilometers long, it offers complete infrastructure and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. Access is easy, with well-signposted roads and parking nearby.

Little Beach (Hawaii, USA)
On the island of Maui, Hawaii, there is Little Beach, a quiet area popular with naturists.
Despite not being officially recognized as a naturist beach, it is very common to see people practicing the practice. Access can be done on foot from Big Beach, with a short trail along the coast.


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