Discover chef Janaína Torres’ restaurants in SP – 03/21/2024 – Restaurants

Discover chef Janaína Torres’ restaurants in SP – 03/21/2024 – Restaurants


Chef Janaína Torres was elected by the World’s 50 Best awards this Thursday (21) as the best female chef in the world in 2024.

She is in charge of A Casa do Porco, in the center of São Paulo, which was voted the 4th best restaurant in Latin America in the same institution’s ranking — but has other businesses in the same region. Torres received the title for his “impact on the culinary world.”

Born and raised in the center of São Paulo, Janaína was one of the precursors of the movement to retake the place and opened all of her establishments, which include a bar, snack bars and restaurant in the Republic region, alongside her partner and ex-husband, also chef Jefferson Rueda.

Located just a few meters away from each other, the establishments are recognized for preparing classic Brazilian and São Paulo recipes, with local ingredients. Find out below.

Bar da Dona Onça
Located in the heart of São Paulo, beneath one of the most famous buildings in the city, the bar aims to offer recipes from popular Brazilian cuisine, with dishes such as country chicken, fish moqueca and oxtail, as well as appetizers, with emphasis on the jaguar meat, made with meat tartare, black bread, mustard mayonnaise and radish. The place also offers classic and signature desserts and drinks.

City Snack
It proposes to offer a fixed dish per day. The space, which previously served as a cafeteria for employees of the Torres Rueda group, was opened to the public in 2023 and serves commercial dishes for lunch, always accompanied by a drink and dessert. The options are typical of everyday life in São Paulo, such as chicken parmigiana, stroganoff and pasta with bolognese sauce, for R$ 40. The vegan rice dish is the only one served daily. At night, the place replaces the dishes with sandwiches.

Downtown Ice Cream Parlor
The place’s proposal is to offer artisanal soft-serve ice cream on a cone. At first glance, the small house on one of the many streets in the city center does not attract attention, but the most famous ice cream in the city. With classic options that cost R$8, such as strawberry and chocolate, the place also offers bold flavors for R$14, such as suckling pig, which contains milk, bacon, chocolate, caramel, bacon farofa and porkcorn. Customers also have alcoholic ice cream options, for R$18, such as affogato, made up of milk with espresso and rum.

Hot Pork
The corner diner specializes in the eponymous hot dog, made with potato bread, red onion and cucumber pickles, ketchup with apple and tucupi mustard, mayonnaise with lemon and parsley and, of course, the homemade beef sausage pork, which can be replaced with vegan sausage in the “not-pork” option. The lean menu also offers sides, such as roast pork nuggets, potato chips and brioche puff pastry.

A Casa do Porco Bar
The same publication that gave Janaína Torres the title also chose, in 2023, Casa do Porco as the 4th best restaurant in Latin America and the best in Brazil. As the name suggests, the establishment specializes in dishes made with pork. The menu’s inspiration comes from the sausages at the Porco Real butcher shop, run by chef Jefferson Rueda, Janaína’s partner.


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