Dino needs a GLO – 11/14/2023 – Elio Gaspari

Dino needs a GLO – 11/14/2023 – Elio Gaspari

On Monday, reporters André Shalders and Tácio Lorran revealed that Luciane Barbosa Farias, wife of drug dealer Tio Patinhas, from Comando Vermelho, was at the Ministry of Justice twice, meeting with civil servants. Hours later, minister Flávio Dino rushed to explain:

— I have never received, in a hearing at the Ministry of Justice, a leader of a criminal faction, or a wife.

No one had said that Dino had received “the Amazon drug lady”, sentenced to ten years in prison.

Those who received Madame Tio Scrooge were the Secretary of Legislative Affairs of the Ministry, the National Secretary of Penal Policies, the Director of Penitentiary Intelligence and the National Ombudsman for Penal Services. In all cases, the lady accompanied a group recommended by a former state deputy from Rio de Janeiro who is vice-president of the Penitentiary Affairs Commission of the National Law Association of Rio de Janeiro (Anacrim-RJ).

According to the minister’s words, receiving a convicted lady into the ministry, married to a drug dealer also sentenced to 31 years in prison, was something for subordinates. According to one of those responsible, the group’s entry served the former state deputy. It was about discussing cases of murdered young people.

Dino and his employees’ reaction was typical of failed organizations. Whatever the problem, the responsibility is not mine, it is his, and so on, until the matter is forgotten.

The anomaly was only discussed and corrected on the same day, because the case was publicized. After all, the visits took place months ago, with no record of Madame Scrooge’s presence in the group. If the two reporters had been taking care of the virtues of Rio’s GLO, the former deputy would have shown her prestige, Anacrim would have shown her importance and Madame Tio Patinhas would have documented her transit.

The episode showed that people entered the Ministry of Justice and its illustrious offices without any checks. Would it be absurd to check? It is worth remembering that ordinary citizens spend hours on international flights and have their passports checked by the Federal Police.

The other day, Minister Flávio Dino celebrated the partial Guarantee of Law and Order decree that uses Armed Forces personnel to monitor entry into Rio de Janeiro. He would do well to ask for a squad to check the porosity of his Ministry. It would be a high-level GLO.

Dino explained that different information systems related to public security do not talk to each other. For some time now, the Ministry of Justice systems have also not spoken to each other. This does not happen because artificial intelligence is complex, but because natural cleverness is simple: the business is to sell equipment and subsequent maintenance services. If you standardize, no more little mouths.

Madame Tio Scrooge circulated through the Ministry of Justice for the same reason that militiamen and drug traffickers are released. Sometimes this happens because the systems can be blamed. When this scam doesn’t work, a Bahian judge goes on duty and releases Dadá do Bonde do Maluco. The denunciation of this absurdity came from Dino’s Ministry and within a few days the National Council of Justice removed the magistrate. Responsibility was not passed on.

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