Developers expand property customization offer – 03/29/2024 – Market

Developers expand property customization offer – 03/29/2024 – Market


Developers are expanding the offer of customization services to medium-standard properties and even popular buildings, something that was previously restricted only to high-cost projects.

Before handing over the property, buyers can now choose items ranging from the type of flooring and wall finishing to the integration and distribution of environments. The offer depends on each developer and the higher the value of the property, the more options.

The floor, for example, can be made of glossy or matte porcelain, ceramic, burnt cement or marble. For the walls, the owner can choose the color, tiles or other coverings.

With 3D technology and virtual reality resources, the buyer also customizes furniture, marble work and decoration services, which simulate everything from the type of closet to the bedding that will make up the property’s rooms.

About a year ago, the Ekko Group —a developer specializing in high- and medium-standard properties in the capital and metropolitan region of São Paulo— created the subsidiary Ekko Dekkor to take care of customer customizations.

Last year alone, subscription to the service occurred in 28% of sales. The new arm of the group closed the box with revenues of R$8 million, a value that was approximately 10% above expectations, with the sale of more than 400 personalized units.

According to Ekko Group’s incorporation director, Juliana Zogbi, Dekkor emerged as a response to growing customer demand for personalization and the company’s need to share this moment with them.

The subsidiary offers carpentry services, marble work for countertops, floors, crockery, metals and even fine linen, with bed and bath linens. By paying for personalization, the client basically enters the apartment with their personal belongings.

“The advantage for the client is to have an integrated team with architect, engineer and decorators who know the property and have knowledge of the best finishes, infrastructure, carpentry and decoration that will be previously chosen for that property. And we have a relationship greater with the buyer”, says the director.

Engineer and travel agent, Carlos Alberto Abud, 61, bought a 140 square meter apartment in Barueri, in the metropolitan region of São Paulo. The finish, flooring, ceiling and wall colors of the property have already been chosen, scheduled to be delivered by the beginning of next year.

In the property that cost R$1.6 million, this customization added another R$150,000 to the investment — and is being paid monthly, along with the financing installments.

It was not the first time that Abud purchased a property in which he opted for personalization. For him, it is much better to decide beforehand than to do new work later when the apartment is ready.

“It’s a lot of trouble [fazer obras depois da entrega]. By choosing in advance, I don’t have to worry about the work and the end result is much better. By doing this well in advance, the result and payment are also easier. I’ll pay monthly until it’s ready”, says the engineer.

Customization of popular properties

Popular properties built and financed by the Minha Casa, Minha Vida popular housing programs limit some changes to the structural part of the properties due to the type of masonry construction.

Despite this, Rio8 Incorporações, a company specializing in developments ranging from high standard to popular, created a way to personalize low-cost apartments.

In 2019, the developer launched Cenário da Montanha, in the Itaipava neighborhood, in Petrópolis, mountain region of Rio de Janeiro, the first popular development with the possibility of customization.

The project with 672 apartments measuring 57 square meters, for R$230,000, could offer an integrated living room and kitchen.

Architect Mariliz Fontes Pereira, CEO of Rio8, realized that changing a single wall would not make the property more expensive and could provide a feeling of more spaciousness with the integration of the two spaces. Around 90% of buyers opted for the American kitchen.

According to the businesswoman, there are still few companies that offer the customization of more economical properties. This is because, as there are many units to change, it takes more work to manage.

“This change in popular property is not just a marketing issue, it is also about offering a gain in quality of life, with a very simple change, for a client who cannot pay more”, says Pereira.

She adds that, in the case of luxury apartments, between 40% and 50% of clients do personalization. In economic terms, the option is only available at the time of sale, when the customer chooses units with or without an American kitchen.

“In the Petrópolis development, some clients regretted it and asked to change after seeing the neighbors’, but once the property is ready, it is no longer possible to change”, he explains.

Living in Petrópolis for almost three years, nurse Marinara Peixoto, 28, says that the living room integrated with the kitchen is her favorite area of ​​the apartment, which currently has a market value of around R$400,000.

“We like it because it has space, lighting and comfort. I’ve seen apartments that don’t have a kitchenette and I didn’t like it. They seem much smaller”, compares the owner.


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