Davi participates in the launch of ‘Luz Para Todos’ in Bailique and announces resources for walkways and reconstruction of Escola Bosque – News of Brazil

Davi participates in the launch of ‘Luz Para Todos’ in Bailique and announces resources for walkways and reconstruction of Escola Bosque – News of Brazil

Coordinator of the federal bench, senator Davi Alcolumbre (União-AP) During the weekend, he participated in a series of actions promoted by the Amapá government in favor of the residents of the Bailique Archipelago, a group of eight islands 180 kilometers from Macapá, in eastern Amapá. In the company of the minister of integration and regional development, Waldez Góes; from the governor Clécio Luís and the president of Codevasf, Marcelo MoreiraAlcolumbre and his delegation stayed for two days in the archipelago in order to get to know the region’s biggest demands up close.

Among the delegation’s actions is the inspection of construction work on wooden walkways in the region, a demand awaited for years by the local population. For the senator, these works are fundamental to guarantee mobility, the generation of jobs and income, well-being and a better quality of life for the residents of the almost 57 communities bathed by the Amazon River.

The more than R$4 million allocated to the construction of walkways in the archipelago were obtained thanks to the efforts of Senator Davi. Of the total, around R$1.3 million was transferred to the construction of walkways in the villages of Bom Amigo, Margem do Igarapé Seco, Philadelphia, Maranata and Livramento do Bailique.

The other R$3 million was transferred to the walkways in the villages of São Pedro, Marinheiro de Fora, Franco Grande, Freguesia and Limão do Curuá. “It is important to highlight that these walkways were built by Macapá City Hall, but they are the result of our parliamentary work, in Brasília, as a senator. There were demands raised by the municipality that sought our mandate and, then, we allocated the necessary resources to carry out this project”, David explained.

Light for All in remote regions

Also during the weekend, the Amapá senator attended the launch of ‘Luz Para Todos’ for 884 families from remote regions of the Limão do Curuá community. Installing the program has been a years-long struggle for Senator Davi, since he assumed the Presidency of the Federal Senate in 2019. Through the program, all registered families will receive individual solar energy generation systems with a monthly capacity of 80 kWh with storage in a lithium battery that gives the system reliability of more than 48 hours without sun.

It was a hard fight, but we did it. We emerged victorious and, thank God, we now have energy for the communities of Limão do Curuá”, he highlighted. Throughout the year, solar energy kits will be distributed by the federal government, thus guaranteeing energy for these communities without electricity. To date, seven hundred families in the Vale do Jari region have been served by Luz para Todos. The program foresees the execution of 2,400 units throughout Amapá, covering new families, in 2024.

R$8 million for Escola Bosque and action for health

Over the weekend, the delegation also visited Escola Bosque, one of the symbols of socio-environmental education in the archipelago. Located in Vila Progresso, the main one in Bailique, the institution is one of the largest public schools in the region and serves students from elementary school to high school. However, the building is at risk of disappearing due to the impacts of the natural phenomenon of fallen lands, in which the advance of the Amazon River causes erosion of the slopes, destroying everything built on the banks of the islands.

During the visit to the institution, Senator Davi announced the allocation of R$8 million for the reconstruction of the school. “For me, education, health and safety are urgent issues, they cannot wait. And, even though Escola do Bosque has been waiting for years for effective action, we are here to announce the necessary resources to begin this construction that will renew the institution and benefit more than 450 students”stressed the senator.

The actions did not end there. Davi Alcolumbre also participated in a social action promoted by the government of Amapá in which health and citizenship services were offered to the population of Bailique, in addition to the distribution of basic food baskets and drinking water to residents of the region.

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