Daniel Alves trial begins in Spain – 02/05/2024 – Sports

Daniel Alves trial begins in Spain – 02/05/2024 – Sports

The trial of player Daniel Alves, accused of rape by a 24-year-old girl in a nightclub on the night of December 30, 2022, began this Monday morning (5) in Barcelona, ​​where the Brazilian has been imprisoned since the 20th. January 2023.

Alves arrived at the Audiência de Barcelona, ​​Palace of Justice in the city center, at around 10 am (6 am in Brasília) and sat down in the trial room at 10:29 am.

The session began with the Public Prosecutor’s Office presenting the victim’s medical license document, interviews with Alves in January 2023 and the lawsuit filed by the complainant for the publication of her images by the football player’s mother.

Alves’ lawyer, Inés Guardiola, asked for the trial to be suspended due to an alleged violation of the player’s fundamental rights by depriving the expert of his part to intervene in the victim’s psychological examination. The request was denied.

The defense also requested that the Brazilian be the last to be heard, which was granted. Alves, who was supposed to speak this Monday, will now give his statement on Wednesday (7), the last day of the trial.

At around 1 pm, the young woman began her statement. The closed circuit television signal has been cut and the media cannot see or hear anything else. This measure was taken to guarantee her privacy. Furthermore, she gives her statement behind a screen to avoid eye contact with Daniel Alves.

The maximum sentence, without aggravating factors, for rape in Spain is 12 years, the time requested by the prosecution. The Brazilian’s defense calls for acquittal.

There was an expectation, among the journalists present, that the parties would reach a “compliance agreement” before the trial began. This would mean that the trial would be suspended, which did not happen.

This agreement, in which Alves would pay an amount to the victim, can still be made even in the middle of the sessions. It is possible, in theory, until the last moment before the judge hands down the sentence.

The trial is expected to last three days, with Alves being heard this Monday, in addition to six other witnesses. Tuesday (6) is reserved for the rest of the testimonies, and Wednesday, for the presentation of reports and conclusions from police officers and experts.

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