Claudia Leitte brings canned sparkling wine to Carnival 2024 – 02/11/2024 – Red or White

Claudia Leitte brings canned sparkling wine to Carnival 2024 – 02/11/2024 – Red or White

Singer Claudia Leitte brought the wine to Salvador’s street carnival. This Sunday and this Tuesday, the Largadinho block leaves on the Barra-Ondina circuit with an additional highlight, the special edition of Artse wine. A partnership between the Rio Grande do Sul winery Jolimont and Artse, a company specializing in canned wines of which the singer became a partner at the end of 2022, this limited edition of a thousand cans of Rosé muscatel will be sold to revelers at the block’s bar and in e-commerce stores. Artse and Jolimont for R$ 22.00 per unit.

This is the second year that the singer, whose participation in society is precisely the promotion part, has put her wines on sale at Largadinho. In 2023, a prosecco was launched that was so successful that it ended up joining Artse’s fixed line, which also includes a red, a white and a rosé. “I was happy to look from up there and see the public drinking my wine and enjoying it”, recalled Claudia in an exclusive interview with the Tinto ou Branco blog.

If it was so successful, why not repeat the dose and serve prosecco one more time? “The can has Claudia’s photo printed on it”, explains Jaqueline Barsi, Claudia’s partner and creator of the brand. “We realized that fans like to collect the can. They put it on the shelf.” A former Ambev executive, Jaqueline had the idea of ​​creating Artse during the pandemic, when she went to spend some time in Serra Gaúcha. The contents of the cans vary all the time. Each time the company bottles wine from a small producer. This local footprint was something that convinced Claudia to participate in the business. See the interview below:

Does wine match Carnival?
Wine goes with anything. It suits people with a good spirit. It goes well with a party. At the right temperature, it goes well with Carnival.

Are you a wine person?
I really like wine. Long time. There was an event at my house, called a wine party. It was like a soiree with wine and music. My father really likes wine. Some friends came, played, sang.

At what time was that?
I was about 22, I was already in Babado (Novo). We played in a little bar in Salvador. What they collected from artistic cover was not always enough for the fee. So, the owner, to compensate, opened bottles of wine. My bandmates drank it, my father went to watch and drank it. I pecked. I ended up liking it. It was these same people who went to the house.

What is your favorite wine?
I like full-bodied red wine. My grape is Cabernet Sauvignon. Now my favorite wine is Artse.

Why did you decide to become a member of Artse?
The girls (partners Jaqueline Barsi and chef Izabela Dolabela) sent me the product. I tried it and liked it. I didn’t know canned wine. I thought that was spectacular. I have a 20-year career and my desire is to diversify my business. I know that Jaqueline knows a lot about wine and a lot about business. Furthermore, it is a Brazilian product, from small producers, with women at the helm.

Last year, how did the Largadinho public receive the prosecco promotion?
They liked it a lot. Not just wine. From a can, too. It’s bold, it’s new. I was happy to look from up there and see the public drinking my wine and enjoying it.

Did you drink with them?
I don’t drink on stage. I can’t. I become distracted.

You’re not the type of wine person who organizes trips to wineries, are you?
I am. The last one I did was to Santa Barbara, California. Now I’m planning to go and visit that new winery in Bahia, in Chapada Diamantina. He says it’s a spectacular project. How it’s called?

Is it UVva?
I think it is. I want to go. In this one from Santa Bárbara, I left braiding my legs…

Can I write this?
Of course. In this one in Bahia, I think it will be like that too (laughs).

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