City Hall creates new secretariats to serve Family and Sports areas in Macapá – News of Brazil

City Hall creates new secretariats to serve Family and Sports areas in Macapá – News of Brazil

Municipal Secretary of the Family (Semfa) and Municipal Secretary of Sport and Leisure (Semel) were the two new bodies instituted by the City of Macapá on the afternoon of Wednesday (24th), in the auditorium at Senac. Mayor Dr Furlan sanctioned two Complementary Laws and swore in the new secretaries in the presence of the secretariat, the Municipal Legislative Power, the community and the mass media.

With the First Lady, Dr. Rayssa Furlan, the mayor asked for attention to needy families and care for young people, so that Education can be born in the home with love in the family, dialogue, and alongside this family institution, is the City Hall, through Semfa and Semel with support from Human Rights, Health, Education and Social Assistance.

“Semfa will reinforce family ties and family structures and promote activities such as monitoring students with their families, strengthening family values ​​with parents. Just as Semel will promote individual and social integration with sporting events and competitions, to strengthen ties and quality of life, in favor of the public health of the municipality”pondered the head of the municipal executive branch, doctor Furlan.

Semfa, through Complementary Law 171/2023 PMM, aims to develop policies to defend the family with guidelines, actions and projects to encourage family groups with the support of various secretariats such as the areas of Health, Social Assistance and Sports and Leisure. folder secretary, Sandra Lacerda, affirmed the commitment to encourage programs and projects to value the family.

At the same time, the semel becomes part of the Direct Municipal Administration, through Complementary Law 170/2023 PMM, which aims to guarantee the promotion, support and promotion of formal and non-formal sporting practices, with the aim of granting the quality and performance of sport, leisure and habits of healthy living for the population of Macapa.

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